We hauled the rest of our barn and fence logs home and had a minor wreck — 4 Comments

  1. C Phelps,

    We will be married on June 11th and we’re excited about the time, coming soon. And afterward, the next week, we’ll be at the Energy Fair in Custer, WI, manning the BHM booth. What an appropriate honeymoon!


  2. I enjoy your blog posts. How’s the engagement going, and when’s the wedding? All of you do a lot of work, that’s for sure. I like your lifestyle, but I am not so sure I could handle it. I’m not lazy either, but I am in my 70s and no where as knowledgeable as all of you on how to live as you do. I’m content to garden, my fourth year this year, and I’ve installed a wood cooking/heating stove this spring (as I remodeled the kitchen to accomodate the stove). Hopefully, I will get some chickens soon, and I wish them luck on surviving me and my wife since we are totally inexperienced at keeping anything alive except ourselves and our cat. Then I want to get something that gives up milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, etc., but I don’t know what to get yet. Goats or cows seem about the only choices. If cows, I want to look into the minature cows, Dexters, perhaps. They seem less dangerous than 1200 pound cows. Also they don’t give out so much milk I would not know what to do with it all. Sorry for the rambling, but I enjoy your blog and your expertise.

  3. Jackie, There’s always something to fix around the farm.

    Have a great day.