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Archive for September 8th, 2011

Jackie Clay

Q and A: Canning peaches, Tattler lids, and Clear-jel and Hopi Pale Grey seeds

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Canning peaches

I was talking with someone about canning peaches, and she said that rather than adding boiling syrup to the jar of peaches, she adds a little less than a quarter cup of sugar to each jar as she’s filling them. Then she just adds boiling water. This prevents the kitchen from getting so sticky. I tried it, and it is much easier. I wondered if you had any comments/thoughs, and if you thought other fruits (pears) could be done this way as well.

Thanks for encouraging me to dust off my canner and get canning again. My canning shelves are almost bursting at the seams!

Melissa E
Allendale, Michigan

I can’t see any harm in it. You can safely can peaches with NO sweetener, but they are much better with it. I’m going to stick to the boiling syrup, though, as I wonder if the sugar would dissolve well with no pre-boiling?

I’m tickled that you are canning up a storm. Isn’t a satisfying feeling to look at all you have in your pantry? — Jackie

Tattler lids

How do you feel about Tattler lids? I’m a little nervous because they don’t “ping.”

Sherri Sachs
Chicago, Illinois

I LOVE Tattler reusable canning lids. They are easy to check for seals; if the center is firmly “sucked” in, the jars are sealed. They might not ping, but they sure save money, over years of use! — Jackie

Clear-jel and Hopi Pale Grey seeds

I know you are very busy with harvesting this time of year. (And by the way I’m very envious of you living in Minnesota; we have family in Baudette and love the country up there.) My questions are: have you or any other readers found a recipe for making your own clear-jel? It is hard to find down here. Also I have read all of your talk about Hopi Pale Grey squash and would like to try some of my own. Could you please send me some seeds? I will gladly pay you for them. Also i read that you do not have access to peanuts; I have access to a lot and I will send you some if you would like to have them; they are a real treat in the middle of a cold winter.

Joyce Pierce
Greenville, Alabama

Sorry, but I know of no way of making your own Clear-Jel. You can buy it online; that’s where I get mine, in bulk, relatively inexpensively. I’d be happy to send you some Hopi Pale Grey squash seeds, and I’d love to have some peanuts. (You don’t owe me a dime; I’m glad to pass these seeds around!) — Jackie


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