Q and A: Storing fuel and making butter — 3 Comments

  1. This butter thing is not strange to me. We have a jersey cow, and the butter color and texture seems to be completely related to her diet. In the summer, when her diet is almost all grass with a little grain, butter is very soft and a dark golden yellow. In colder months, when she’s eating hay with no or very little grazing and some grain to supplement, the butter is much paler, and is not soft at room temp. I also find that the butter is too “dry” to stick to the knife. I soften it in the microwave for a couple minutes on the lowest power level to make iit spreadable. Some other things I’ve observed, is that the summer cream has a much better yield. The best I’ve done is 2 pounds from 3 quarts of cream, and in the winter 1&1/2 pounds is a good yield. The butter also comes much quicker with grass fed cream as opposed to the hay fed. I make my butter the same way all year, so my method is consistent, but cream quality seems to be the factor that makes the results so varied.
    Also, we prefer sweet cam butter here, but on occasion, I will allow the cream to ripen a bit more than usual, and the resulting butter is absolutely phenomenal on popcorn.
    Hope this helps, or at least makes you feel better.

  2. You wrote:
    If gas is stored for a month or more, it should have Stabil added to it to keep it fresh. And that is only good for about a year. Gas is not a long-lasting fuel, as is propane or diesel fuel.

    Stabil is a very good product.

    In my opinion,Pri-G is a much better product.

    I was helping a friend (Bob) clean up the ranch HQ his MILaw had just recently given his wife and him. In a tin building we ran across a GI 5 gallon can of gasoline.

    Bob said that the gas may be about 6 or 7 years old. He was with his FILaw when he put a 5 gallon GI gas can full of fresh gas in that shed. His FILaw treated with the long term amount of Pri-G.

    We were running low so Bob re-treated it and filled his riding mower. Very obvious smell of stale gas exhaust but it ran without problem.

    I used it to fill a push mower and it started/ran no problem.

    Pri-G for gasoline and Pri-D for Diesel has a good rep for keeping fuel usable and for making old fuel re-usable.

    My Wife and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog.


  3. this might not be the place to put this but my family and i wish you and yours a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR