Will’s haul from the dump — 6 Comments

  1. When I built my house I insisted that the framers didn’t throw out the scrap lumber. I bought 2 4x4s and some plywood and used the scraps to build 3 rows of shelves covering the entire back of my 2 car garage. I used the rest for small parts and bracing for a 2 level covered porch. The rest will make great firewood. Shame people actually throw wood in the trash.

  2. Same thing with our basement! *lol* It must be in the air!

    I drove by a construction worker removing wonderful sheets of plywood, from a home that had burned, and he was throwing that plywood into a dumpster. Broke my heart I couldn’t bring it home… or at the very least that someone wasn’t using it, even if it wasn’t us.

    We still seem to be a throw-away society… despite this supposed “bad economy”. Makes me wonder how bad things really are, you know? Perhaps folks have thou$and$ in installment debt & don’t realize in how bad of a shape they truly are. I dunno.

    Peace to you Jackie~ An Earth Mama

  3. Funny-we are cleaning out our basement too! Big job and I am trying to organize as I go. Nothing better to do when it is 20 below!

  4. We have the same problem with the dumps around here. They want anything buried as soon as possible.

    We have had some good luck back when they were actually building houses. They have to pay for contractors dumpsters and how much they put in them so you can sometimes find good stuff that the contractor can’t use or trim products etc. We have some nice things around here built with castoffs.

  5. Jackie, I wish that we could recycle from the landfill but it’s not allowed in our landfill. Once it’s there the big machine krunches it up and buries it under dirt. What a waste.