Q and A: Dirty windows and Wallo’ Waters — 2 Comments

  1. Last year was my first year with wall-o-waters, and I did leave them on to find they COOLED the tomato plants through the heat of the summer and stunted their growth! Only the ones that were on container plants worked well through the growing season as the containers kept the heat going for the plant through the roots and the plastic cones protected the fruit from critters. and of course, the water got pretty rank in there too.

  2. Dear Jackie and Gwen of Dallas, Texas,

    Mom used wall-o-waters on her tomatoes in windswept Wichita, KS, and they would tip over under the immense gales of spring (such as Dallas probably also suffers, the kind that will tip over a mobile home that’s not strapped down and some that are). What she did was mound dirt up around the lower edge and place her tomato cages (hogwire) around them. -KS of KS