While Will was sawing more boards for the barn, I seeded in the newly-cleared acreage — 2 Comments

  1. I used to have an ’02 Outback (and I’ve had a couple of other Subarus over the years). My Outback got too friendly with a pick-up and a Suburban at highway speeds, so it’s gone, but 100K miles is just getting broken in on a Subie–and the Outbacks WILL happily do all the crazy off-road stuff they show in the commercials for them. And be just as happy at freeway speeds 5 minutes later. We have done just that, on a trip to Montana. I would own a Subaru right now, but I have 3 kids that have to be in carseats, agewise, and Subaru doesn’t make anything big enough for that, so I drive a big Ford van.

  2. We have a “99 Subaru Forester and it has been very reliable. We love it. We hope your new (used) Subaru will be as good as ours has been for us.