Homestead Drying Racks (the best drying rack I’ve ever used!) — 4 Comments

  1. i am still using my mom’s drying rack from the 1950s…….a Rid-Jid wooden rack. It’s still far superior than anything I have seen in the mass discount stores. Its large and not as top heavy to tip like the newer flimsy ones.

    if it ever wears out the Homesteaders looks like a good replacement.

    But I will probably pass the Rid-Jid down to my kids and grandkids at this rate!!!

  2. YES! I agree 100%! I got the big Homesteader rack last year and it is GREAT! You can hang a whole load of was on it. I love mine! Good people to deal with too.

  3. You will love using that rack. I’ve had mine for over a year and its wonderful. My daughter took one look and had to have one for herself. It sure was a lifesaver during the winter.

  4. Hello Jackie,
    I’m so glad you like the rack! When my husband and designed it we wanted it to be a workhorse, I’m with on all the all the possibilities. The new owners homestead productions @ homestead drying are doing a great job carrying on the torch.

    Just a note the shipping is included in the $149.00 price.

    Daniel & Abby Jo @ Forgotten Way