Q and A: more peppers and planting saved seeds — 4 Comments

  1. Zelda,

    Thanks for the tips but in a month or two our peppers will be frozen in our hoop house. We have snow in October and below zero in November.


  2. Slightly withholding water will also often stress peppers and tomatoes enough that they produce food instead of leaves, especially good for ripening those last peppers and tomatoes in fall. The other thing that often works is to cut off the tops of the pepper plants just as you would top or prune a tomato. Prune just below the most lush top growth. If you are going to keep your peppers going in the hoop house, try pruning your peppers and see if in a month or two they produce some food for you.

  3. To get my peppers and tomatoes to set fruit, they need a little stress. I just walk down the rows and give each plant a pull not enough to pull them up just enough for them to think they are gonna die so they put more energy into reproducing.

  4. Hi Jackie-

    We were told by a local commercial farmer to spray the pepper plants with a water/Epsom salt solution of 1.5 tbsp per quart of water. The plan is that the magnesium in the salts helps to get the plants to bud; worked for us last year (or it was just a happy coincidence)!

    Good luck!