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Archive for November 2nd, 2012

Jackie Clay

Q and A: sulfur in well water and baking cakes in jars

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Sulfur in well water

We just bought a house in the country. We will be moving in around Christmas. Everything checks out OK, we had the inspection today, but the water stinks like sulfur. I am from the city and don’t know a thing about wells. What is the best type of filter or treatment to improve the smell? Honestly my uncle’s well smells way worse, so I know it’s not as bad as someā€¦but I would prefer unstinky water if possible. I didn’t see much rust on the fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen, so I am hoping sulfur is the only issue with the water. Everything else about this place is fantastic, we are getting chickens come spring (also expecting our first baby). Is sulfur just something a person gets used to?

Cathy Ostrowski
Amherst, New York

I’ve been really lucky. I’ve never had to deal with excessive iron or sulfur in any of our water. But I know many folks do. Some use their well water for everything but drinking and buy water or get their drinking water from friends or nearby springs. How about it, readers? Any advice for Cathy?
Congratulations on your new homestead! You’ll have so much fun planning this winter. How exciting! — Jackie

Baking cakes in jars

I have heard of people baking cake mixes in wide mouth pint jars and sealing them. I was wondering if you have tried this and if so, how long do you think they would stay good? I wanted to do it for Christmas but was thinking that to do it for pantry storage would be nice too.

Lisa Kukla

I used to do this a lot. But now experts tell us that it’s not a safe practice so I’ve stopped. Obviously I can’t recommend it to you and others. — Jackie


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