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Archive for November 14th, 2012

Jackie Clay

Q and A: canning chicken and canning broth with fish

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Canning chicken

We have plenty of young chicks beginning to lay and it is time to retire some of our older hens. I know they must be cooked for quite a while so they become tender, but my question has to do with pressure canning. How long should I cook them before hot packing them so that the texture is at its best when we open the jars later?

Covelo, California

I would simmer them just until the meat will separate from the bones, then dice it and pack with the broth and can as usual. These older hens can up very nicely and when canned, they aren’t tough at all. And the flavor is excellent! — Jackie

Canning broth with fish

I made some delicious bone broth and was not intending to can it. I added 2 anchovy fillets which were from a can at the store. I then decided to can it, and processed it for 100 min at 10 lb. pressure consistent with the time for canning fish. I just read on a website that you should only use fresh fish when canning at home. Is the whole batch botched?

Jolene Teeters
Stanwood, Washington

I wouldn’t worry a bit. I re-can store-bought canned foods all the time, usually when I buy #10 cans at a deep discount. — Jackie


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