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Jackie Clay

We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving

Monday, November 26th, 2012

No matter that there was just the three of us eating Thanksgiving dinner, I cooked for three days before; I can’t seem to NOT cook so much. We ate a good meal and have been snacking afterwards for several days. And there’s still more pie to go! Tomorrow I start canning up the leftover turkey and today I’m working on canning up the last of the venison, which froze solid in the barn. Our nighttime temperatures dived to five below zero and the highs have been in the teens — barely!

Last week, Will got a lead on some ¼-inch plywood dunnage at a local wood mill, in 4×8 sheets. Cheap. As in $20 a bundle, which is about a cord. Now ¼-inch plywood is too thin for most building projects but if you double or even triple it, it sure IS thick enough. And with the price of plywood today, that is a steal. So today the man called and Will went to get it.

He got three bundles on our triple axle equipment trailer and when he went in to the office to pay, the nice man said there was no charge because they’d been sitting out in the weather for a while! I’m sure we’ll find plenty of uses for this treasure. Thank you, Mike!

9 Responses to “We had a nice, quiet Thanksgiving”

  1. Shotgunner Says:

    No charge?!?!?!? Holy smokes! That is a lot of raw material that you can do so much with. Even if you ripped it into strips and used it to warm your livestock tanks it was worth the drive. Great find!!

  2. Carol Bandy Says:

    Will better be careful. He’ll have to start another barn just to hold trasures like the plywood. Good golly, your high temperatures are our lows. I hope all the canning helps warm the house.

  3. Dallen Timothy Says:

    Jackie, is that one of the home-grown, young turkeys that hatched out this year?

  4. anointedma Says:

    I was going to ask what Dallon asked …Is everything homegrown?I miss quiet gatherings like this…God has truly blessed you,Jackie…hope you and Will have many good ,long years together..MA

  5. Wendy Hause, Gregory MI Says:

    Looks like it was a wonderful meal! We, too, are canning up venison here in Michigan and the big pot of turkey soup also. Great haul on the wood for you and Will. Love those bargains!!

  6. Sheryl Says:

    I want to know what is on the plate next to the pie in the first pic. They look like awesome bar cookies;

  7. jackie clay Says:


    Nah… The #$%^### fox got all our baby turkeys this year!!! Maybe next year??? That one was a .47 turkey from Super One.


  8. jackie clay Says:


    Those are apricot bars. And they ARE wonderful! (The recipe is on page 232 in the PANTRY COOKBOOK.) They’re easy and really good, too; not too sweet but very tasty!


  9. jackie clay Says:


    A huge percentage of our meal WAS homegrown or made from foods in our pantry, from the green bean casserole (provider beans & our mushrooms and onions) to the glazed carrots, mashed potatoes and Hopi Pale grey squash (pumpkin!) pie. It’s so much more satisfying to sit down to a feast from your own land than just buying stuff from the store.


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