What do you do when you need something and don’t have the money? — 6 Comments

  1. Great job! I need to do the same thing for my Oliver 1465. For what model Oliver tractor were these made?

  2. Yes my father can do tons with nothing. But he still calls his only son for advice and to bounce ideas off me sense I’m a marine engginneer in Alaska even though I can’t spell it. Just kidding engineer We talk very often and are sounding boards for either one of our ideas. He is my homesteading McGyver and an awesome dad. Love you happy birthday dad I’m so glad your not OLD.

    Love you DAD


  3. Ann,
    My dad was the same too. He built a travel trailer, John boat, sailboat and several canoes plus hundreds of other projects including hand-digging a basement and building a bedroom addition onto our house. Maybe after growing up watching Dad that’s why I appreciate Will’s ingenuity all the more. It’s a definite homesteader’s talent for sure.

  4. Will’s ingenuity reminds me so much of my late father. He was always inventing (had lots of patents), reusing, rethinking and generally making things work without spending money.