We had a happy Easter — 16 Comments

  1. Gee whiz Jackie! Your granddaughter looks just like you! What a sweetie pie. :)

  2. Thank you Jackie, you made my day. You are the reason I came the first time and you are the first booth I look for when we get there. Lee just enjoyed seeing every thing. And he enjoyed his visit with Will.

  3. Ruth Ann,

    We start most all of our peppers at one time, then two weeks later, our tomatoes. We don’t have a long enough season for succession crops of these. We do plant broccoli in succession so we have a nice fall crop. Here our last spring frost is usually around June 15th and the first fall frost comes about September 5th so it limits us a bit. The hoop houses and Wall’O Waters sure help out a lot, though.

  4. Nancy,

    I hope Lee is feeling better, but I know it takes a long time to get back up to par. But I hope by the MREA Fair he’s feeling much better and you can come visit with us at the BHM booth. It’s always great talking to you. It’s one of the highlights of the weekend for us.

  5. Ginger,

    Oh yes, we DID get the hulless oats and will definitely give them a try! Thank you so very much.

  6. Ginger,

    My Pro-Mix is Pro-Mix Micorrhizae but I think any Pro-Mix would work fine. Some has different ingredients to prevent damping off (a big problem in some very humid greenhouses; not so at home), nothing that would change the germinating and growing of your seeds.
    My friend told me that she got hers at Menards, so if you have a store near by, you might check out the garden section.

  7. Bobster,

    Wow, that sounds great. You can bet I’ll try it next time I cook a ham!! Now you’ve made me hungry.

  8. Oh, and by the way, we use Pro Mix to start plants also. My son starts several hundred tomato plants and then hopes to sell tomatoes. He is trying to grow out some new crosses that he made a couple years ago and last year and has tomato seeds listed in Seed Savers Catalog this year. Has actually gotten a few orders for them too.

  9. Live in Michigan in lower part of the lower peninsula. Today its 42 out. Started some plants a few days ago but they aren’t up yet. My son started several flats of tomatoes and they are up and growing well. On April 1, I did plant some lettuce seeds out – kinda an experiment to see if they will germinate and grow in this cold weather. Do you start all your plants at the same time or do you start some later so you have a longer season of harvest? I only started a few plants of each variety and plan to start some more in about 2 weeks. We will plant outside around May 15, depending on weather.

  10. Would love to come to the Earth Fest but Lee had open heart surgery on March 28 and he is not up to going far. And we just picked up a fair durning the MRE. I may have to cut out on the fair. We both want to come back. Heres hoping. Have a God filled year. Didn’t even start anything this year except strawberries. never started them before. they are growing good.

  11. I agree on the Jiffy Mix, I used that last year and had a disaster! I made sure I did not buy that again! I have used the Burpee Tomato seed starting mix in the past with excellent results. This year I did try the Miracle Gro, so far so good! I also bought this year the Espoma Organic Seed starting mix, I just used it this weekend to transplant my tomatoes into larger pots, it’s a rich black mix that is easy to wet, we’ll see how that does.

  12. Jackie, I so look forward to your posts. I have been reading and following you for a while and look forward to learning from you. I tried the jiffy mix and it is very hard to wet. Also the seeds did not germinate very well. I didn’t know if it was the mix or the seed but I have replanted and a few more came up. I will try mixing up my own next year using soil, vermiculite, perlite and peat moss. Growing a garden here on the coast is a challenge but we usually have a pretty good one. Our tomatoes usually sunburn before they ripen so we are going to try putting a shade cloth over them this summer. Thank you for all the info. Best wishes to you and your family.

  13. Hi Jackie, Is that Pro Mix Hp, Bx or something else? I was looking for it on line and can’t find one in a bag Just like yours. Don’t want to get the wrong thing. Thanks, GingerB- Northern Colo.
    P.S. Did you get the hulless oats package we sent?

  14. dinner sounds great! we also had a smoked shoulder from one of our pigs. here is a cooking suggestion….

    Put the chunk of meat in a big pan. cut up carrots, turnip, parsnips, potatoes and a few whole onions, then scatter them round the ham when it bakes. the smoky juice runs into the pan and flavors the veggies in a heavenly way :-).

    I agree about the bagged stuff; its well worth some research before buying…