Q and A: velvet beans and tomato cages — 3 Comments

  1. Duncan 151,

    The reason we don’t do that is that our garden is still pretty rocky and the spikes won’t go in the soil evenly. We also get quite a few wind storms and I’ve found that our cages that have determinates in them and did have spiked bottoms blew over often, even with the spiked bottom. So we changed to no spikes and steel stakes.

  2. I make those same tomato cages except I cut the end ring off one end. That leaves me with a ring of 6in spikes to push into the ground. My cages are 6in shorter, but they do not need any stakes. I also make smaller ones for my cucumbers.

  3. You have that right. I discovered that a few years ago. The holes in the wire allowes your hands plenty of room to retreive the tomatoes. I love all your info, Jackie