The robins are here! — 8 Comments

  1. Holly,

    Yep, we ducked that one and today it’s 65 above!!! I was afraid it was going to go Winter-Summer and it looks like it might just do that. What weather swings we’ve been getting all over the country!!!

  2. Nancy,

    My oldest son, Bill, is now gardening and learning to can. In fact, he’s coming to our August seminar to learn more!!! He also has chickens. Some kids come around and some choose other paths. A mom can only pray.

  3. Did you miss all of the snow that Sioux Falls and Owatonna got? I know that is way south of you, but radar showed a stream making it up to you today……We are way west, but it was still 22F this morning. Our snow is gone, but cold is still the name of the game for May! Last Friday (April 26) it was about 80 here (first day of that) and those darn no see ums were eating me up! ONE day of peace in ths spring would sure be nice…..

  4. Yes, my children enjoy the fresh garden and canned goods that mom send their way but please don’t ask “me” to help. Though my daughter, this year made some jam and is very proud of herself. And it was good…

  5. Wendy,

    We ducked the bullet on this last storm that dumped 18″ or more on some of Minnesota and northern Wisconsin. We were sweating it for awhile. That 70 degree day sure spoiled us!!!

  6. Nancy,

    Yes, David has graduated from high school. He is signed up for college this fall in a millright/heavy equipment operator course in a college nearby. I wish he would be taking more interest in homesteading but is drifting more into the “world”. Hopefuly, he’ll find his way back. We moms worry about our kids!

  7. Gotta laugh at the things our men do! Looks like a beautiful day. Wonder if you got any of the snowy, cold weather we saw on the news.

  8. Has David graduated from high school and is he planning on going to college or follow in mom’s footsteps and homestead?