Amid our spring planting, a horrible fire destroys apartment building where David’s girlfriend lives — 6 Comments

  1. All,

    Just an update on the apartment fire; Word is that all of the people who lived i the apartments have found new homes in the community and are furnishing them with donations. David’s girlfriend, Deb, has and is lacking only a few relatively inexpensive items to go on with her life. David is helping her clean and move into her new apartment when he is finished at work. She finds it is amazing at all of the little things we take for granted and use almost daily….an its GONE! Thank all of you for any help you have given! Just knowing that people out there really CARE makes a huge difference in the depression that engulfs folks after a fire.

  2. Thank God no one was hurt..He is so Good!! At a fair this week so will miss the MRE..I hate that!!

  3. Our hearts go out to Deb and the other good folks in your community Jackie. We would certainly like to help! Will call the BHM office today. So glad that no-one was hurt. Bless you all.

  4. Marlana,

    I’m sure the BHM gals would forward donations. Our local credit union and several businesses are also gathering donations. Thank you so much for thinking of others who you don’t even know. I’m sure God watches these little random acts of kindness!

  5. Anything we readers can do to help? We don’t have much but if a paypal account was set up or if BWH could forward a small donation, we’d gladly send a little something to help.