It’s been kind of dry so Will built some easy sprinklers — 10 Comments

  1. I think you could make an easy to ship version of those sprinklers with a few smaller sections of galvanized pipe, solid junctions, and some Teflon tape. Done right, with the miracle of the Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope, there might be a viable product there! Would love to see a couple higher-resolution pics…

  2. Deb,

    That’s a good idea. Maybe we will build some during the seminar; they are easy and don’t take long. It won’t fit into a suitcase. Sigh. Maybe if you take home pieces (that will fit), Jim or a friend could weld them up.

  3. All,

    You guys make me laugh out loud! Only one Will, and I’m the lucky winner there! I think the sprinkler would be a good homestead business. If we had the time! We barely cram in what needs doing every day. And some days, not even that. Maybe some day?…..

  4. I am constantly amazed with the both of you and Will. Like your other readers, I would also take two sprinklers along with several Will’s! I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!!

  5. You and Will are both inspiring!!
    Which is why the seminar will be so uplifting
    and helpful to the lucky ones who are going.
    Both of you are creative and sharp.
    And we get to pick your brains and enjoy your
    good natured attitudes. Sit around the campfire – WOW what fun!!
    Learning to make do and be happy with what one
    has in life is what it is all about.
    Only a month til the seminar and I’ll be in hog heaven.
    And maybe Will can demonstrate his now famous sprinkler
    and show us all how to make one.
    In fact, maybe he could have the parts and pieces and
    we could assemble one while we are there and pay him
    the costs. Will it fit in a suitcase??

  6. As a osteoporosis and scoliosis patient a sprinkler on wheels like those lawn mower wheels sounds great! I really do think Will needs to test the market for these and see what happens! Good luck!

  7. add another Clone to that order,please! SOON. I spent yesterday out in the 100 degree heat dragging those blasted hoses & tripods.

  8. You have two potential home based income sources, Jackie. Clone Will (I want one too) and build and sell those sprinkler thingies. Once you get the business going, I’ll take one Will and two sprinklers. Let me know the total cost including shipping.