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  1. Karen,

    That’s why we can up all the “extra” we have all the time. You just never know what’s around the corner.

  2. Jack,

    We’re hoping to start a tiny seed “business” on our homestead, selling some of our heirloom seeds at a very reasonable price, including shipping. (We handle them for free!). This is providing that we get mature tomatoes, corn and squash. So stay tuned to the blog for more information. I’m sure we’ll be able to find some seeds for you.

  3. All,

    What we do to get big onions is to start our seed very early. Here it’s in February to set out in late April. This year, we had SNOW on the garden in April so they went in in May. As they get leggy, I trim off the tops of the plants with scissors. I do this two or three times in the flats. I fertilize in the flats with fish emulsion and that helps them bulk up. When they go out, I make sure they always get watered well then we weed and mulch heavily. They are grown on very fertile soil and kept watered all summer as onions are 75 percent water. Other than that, I just tell them they look great!

  4. I just got tickled at your comment about when “TSHTF”!!! LOL!!! Anyways, I am very thankful for the knowledge of canning. Yesterday the thermostat when out on our fridge. So, today I am canning what little bit of meat that I had in the freezer as well as some carrots. So, a big thank you Jackie for sharing your knowledge and life’s lessons.

  5. Jackie,
    Your porch is fantastic; I love the beams. Almost a shame to put a roof on it….. You are so correct when you say can all you can because we homesteaders never know what ‘next year’ will be like. We live in north-central TX and we’re in one of ‘those years’. Late freeze (May 1st) killed off all the plum and peach blooms-so no fruit. Our lake is down 25′ so no watering. We’ve been in a severe drought and have only had 9″ of rain since last July. We’ve had to keep our 1/3 acre garden alive with laundry and dish water this year. The rule is ‘if you have to spit, spit on a plant’….lol. Smaller harvest but a decent one. Makes me soooo glad that we have a years supply of canned foods from previous good years. Canned peaches and plums are better than no peaches and plums. Good luck and have lots of fun with your seminar…….

  6. Thank you so much Brenda of WY for your advice. I will try that!! By the way, I don’t have a lot of luck starting onion plants either! thanks again!

  7. “I laugh when “survivalists” say that if TSHTF they’ll just dig up their yard, plant their survival seeds, and live off their garden.”

    Some of them will be shocked to find just how few seeds are in those seed packets. A packet of flour corn seeds I got only had about 40 seeds in it. Not enough to sample, I’ll be saving every ear so I can plant a decent-sized patch next year. And a packet of bean seeds that I ordered recently only had 18 seeds in it! And the prices are ridiculous!

  8. I planted my first garden 30 years ago, and I still don’t have it figured out and still have massive failures, so I really cringe for folks who think they can open that “surviaval seed vault, and voila! they got food!” Good luck with that is all I can say.

  9. I have huge onions each year also, a neighbor says they are bigger than any bun. I start from plants either home grown (not much luck with that some years) or purchased plants from one of the seed companys I like the price from Dixondale Farms but got leeks this year from Peaceful Valley. The next trick for us is fertile soil and lots of water. When the soil is dry down the length of my pointer to the first nuckle near the nail it is time to water them. Also keep the weeds pulled. Hope this will help you all. Forgot to say do not plant them to deep. Best wishes to everyone who will be attending the seminar! Safe travels!

  10. What is the secret to such big onions? The only year I had good size was when I spread poop and bedding on the areas in the fall then planted the next spring in that area? Is that the secret? I hope you have a good seminar!

  11. Grinned at the SHTF comment; we’ve been running our gardens for 18 years now, & we’ve ALMOST got it figured out!

    Porch looks like it’ll be a winner.

    Whilst I’m here- we’d like to buy/borrow/steal some Hopi Gray seeds from you for next year; what is the procedure for doing so (assuming that they will be available)?

    Best regards,
    Jack in NH

  12. Love following your blog and hope your seminar goes well. This blog post had one comment that I would like to hear more about…your baseball size onions! HOW? I have gardened in South central Kansas my entire life. Even when growing conditions are about perfect, which is rare, the best we can expect is golfball up to, less than, tennis ball sized onions. We have tried just about everything we can think of but I still can’t quit. I want that huge beautiful onion! Any suggestions or tips on how you do it? Thanks. Vaughn

  13. Look out, we’re almost there!! Can’t wait to see everything. The porch looks so awesome. I put one on the back of my house and love sitting out there and you will too. See you Friday!!