Oh yeah, winter’s definitely here — 5 Comments

  1. All,

    Yep, we got it, but were prepared so it wasn’t such a big deal although we always wish winter would hold off a few more weeks….. Time for baking, chili, stews and reading huh???

  2. I see you are getting hit with quite a snowstorm right now (8:45 PM Wed.). I live near La Crosse, WI and we have had temps just above freezing for the past two days, but are expecting very cold temps and windy conditions starting tonight. Looks like we will bottom out near 0 by Friday AM. I guess that is better than sub-zero temps like you are expecting for highs by then!! Stay warm and safe.

    P.S. The barn is looking great!

  3. Glad you had a nice and peaceful thanksgiving to rest up for this white stuff. Traveled into work with the white stuff falling, not nearly as much as you guys are getting, but enough for some slippery maneuvering! As for the negative to single digits coming this at the end of the week, definitely getting the longjohns ready and some baking on the list of things to do! Hope you feel better and that the barn and porch gets somewhat finished before winter really sets in. Take care.

  4. I hope he stays safe out there in the snow. It can be icy after it is walked on a few times.