Hey, spring’s just around the corner (isn’t it?) — 12 Comments

  1. Please add my name to your list of notification of seeds you and Will are selling. I would like some of Your Hopi Squash seeds!

  2. After reading more comments I was so upset that I spelled the name of this fine magazine incorrectly. I know it is BACKWOODS HOME. I am so sorry. I have had a subscription for many years, and love it. I guess it was one of my senior moments.

  3. farmgirl

    We absolutely love Cherokee Trail of Tears and Fortex pole beans. I’m having trouble locating a seed source of Cherokee Trail of Tears this year but a lot of seed houses sell Fortex. I like Scarlet Runner beans for their pretty vines, flowers and large colorful beans. But as a green bean? Bleck……spit, yuck.

  4. glen beck

    Gee I’m sorry your seeds didn’t germinate. I ran germination tests on each batch of seed we saved and all passed with flying colors. Sometimes that just happens due to conditions we really don’t see. Just a little dryness of the soil during germination can kill sprouting seedlings. Hopefully this year you’ll have better luck. We’re working madly on our seed list and coordinating things right now. Stay tuned!

  5. Dear Jackie – greetings from Ontario – I was wondering if you pass on what varieties of Pole Beans you would recommend besides the usual ‘Scarlett Runner’ (which does not taste as good as bush beans in my opinion). I want to utilize vertical growing techniques more this summer and am looking for tasty vertical varieties


    M Blaney

  6. Miss Jackie, the Hopi Grey seeds I ordered last year from Baker’s did not germinate. Not one. I was so looking forward to trying them. All the other squash I planted germinated well (even my saved seed). Want some pink banana seeds? I, too, can barely wait for your list of seeds (for sale) to be sent out. If there is an email list, please add me to it. Thanks.

  7. Now that’s a picture of a happy woman!!!!! Good husband, warm home, beautiful rock wall and the newest seed catalog…….

  8. Baker Creek emailed me when they had seeds in stock and I purchased some. I guess they are having trouble keeping them in stock. I also found another online seller of Hopi Pale Grey Squash. offers this fine squash as well. Although I am still looking forward to buying seeds from you. I thoroughly enjoy reading you blog and articles in Backward Homes Magazine.

  9. The email I got back from Baker Creek says they hope to have the seeds in stock soon, and anyone interested can sign up to be notified when they are available.

  10. I too noticed they were missing, have emailed Baker Creek to ask what happened. But Deb is right, with small ads in places like the Backwoods Home web page, gardening and other self-reliant living magazines, you can corner the market. The only other place I’ve found that sells them is a Canadian company.

  11. What I am most looking forward to is a list of Jackie’s Homestead Seeds.
    I am so looking forward to March and planting my seeds from you.
    The wall behind the wood stove looks super. Will is doing a fine job.
    I am so glad you will be selling Hopi Pale Grey seeds. They are the best
    squash I have ever grown. And maybe it’s a good thing that Baker Creek isn’t selling them because then you can corner the market and be the sole seller. Have you and Will had any thoughts about what you will offer at the next seminar?? I bet your readers will give you lots of ideas. I’m all for learning some carpentry, perhaps building a chicken coop, raised beds, hoop houses again, wood shed, small barn. Thanks for the great pictures.