Heirloom Seeds now available — 43 Comments

  1. I received my order of the Hopi Pale Grey Squash seeds and am so excited to plant them. After reading your positive reviews of this squad for so long, it seems extra special that we begin with seed from your own squash. Thank you Jackie and Will.

  2. Hello again. Thank you for having taken the time to inquire!
    I’ve moved and lost both my Internet access and my computer, currently using a public WiFi and a borrowed laptop with a cracked screen.
    I still plan to order as soon as possible, hoping there’ll still be Hopi Pale Grey squash and Dragon’s Tongue bean seeds by then.
    Thank you again for having bothered! The extra shipping fee seems very reasonable to me.

  3. Debi K,

    Look at today’s blog! We got them done. Not so bad a job. And YES I HATE carpeting. It’s impossible to clean even when you don’t live on a homestead. Doubt me? Just take up one that looks clean and see what’s underneath it.

  4. I keep obsessively checking back to see if you’ve finished and posted any pictures of your new floors and what you think about them. We installed our own laminate flooring and though the job was big, it was so worth it! I love them, but hubby says they’re cold. (I got him some slippers – laminate is so much cleaner and prettier than those old carpets!)

  5. The bottom gave out on one of my bean seed bags and the seeds were loose in the envelope, but everything was ok. The seeds look great, and I’m so looking forward to spring and getting to try out your favorites. I’m sure they’ll be our favorites soon. Thank you again for making these seeds available.

  6. belle,

    Eeekkk. Sorry about that. Have any others had that problem??? If so, we’ll fix it with future orders.

  7. just got my hopi squash seeds,thanks . fyi, Jackie the plastic baggy had cracked and crumbled letting the seeds out. All is fine , could it have been the severe cold? thanks.

  8. Got my seeds this weekend. Thanks so much!

    If you should decide to get into the online payment world I STRONGLY recommend NOT using PayPal. They have many sneaky policies, published and not, that they sporadically enforce and nobody has the authority to go against them. You can search on “paypal nightmare” to get a taste of this. I cringe to see BWH using them.

    There are alternatives, but it takes a little time to read up and find the best one for the situation. So I think you’re right to wait on this, even though it causing some hardships. – April

  9. Rose Kelley,

    Yes, we have lots of Hopi Pale Grey seeds yet, as well as a good supply of all of the others. We’re getting more organized and am able to whip out orders the next day after receiving them most of the time.

  10. Donnie,

    Good idea! We’ll do just that next year, adding an order form. We aren’t ready to do paypal yet, but may do so in the future. We’re really kind of low-tech here….sorry.

  11. Jackie, do you still have hopi gray squash seed? Received my other seeds today,thank you so much, cant wait to get started.

  12. Got my seeds today! Thank you very much!

    One suggestion for next year, you could make the last page of your catalog an order form, have all the varieties listed and people can check off what they want to order. Might save you some time with everyone making up their own and you trying to decipher them all. I typed my order up because if I hand-wrote it you might not have been able to read it! Sometimes I can’t even read my own writing! :-)

    If you did ever consider paypal, you could just tell them to add on $1 to cover any fees.

  13. Jackie I had my order for Bill Bean Tomato seed ready to go when I saw it was sold out. Today I saw where there are some available.
    PLEASE SAVE 1 PACKAGE FOR ME. It is evening here but My check is ready to send in the morning……THANK YOU!!!! Rick

  14. Those seeds sure were glad to cross the Texas state line. Went to 72 degrees the day after – can’t wait to get started! Thanks again.

  15. Frenchie,

    We had a few techincal difficulties but yes the magazine will be happy to have you order a subscription and add extra for your seed order. Contact Rhoda at the office (rhoda(at) and she’ll be glad to help you out.

  16. Frenchy,

    I just got off the phone with Rhoda in Customer Service at BHM and she said they could combine a subscription with a seed order. You can e-mail her at: rhoda[at] to work out the details. I would have to charge another $3 for shipping to Europe, though as postage is more expensive.

  17. Margie,

    Just click on the green box above for our seed listing; on it are our address and the prices ($2.50 a pack with $2.50 shipping no matter how many packs you order0. Just send a written order and we’ll fix you right up.

  18. Farmgirlwanabe,

    I still have your first letter. Thanks for reminding me. I did save seeds for you and will get the envelope out in the mail on the next trip to the Post Office. I’ll be interested in how the US fund checks work for others.

  19. Frenchy,

    Sorry to cause problems such as not taking credit card or PayPal payment but we’re so terribly small and really don’t want to go big or get involved with these things at present. I’ll call the magazine tomorrow and see if your suggestion will work. I’m thinking that it would and will let you know. Thank you for thinking of our seeds!

  20. Jackie I am mailing my order either today or tomorrow – I am not sure how long it will take to get to you from Canada as our postal system has been slow lately. I definitely want some of the tomatoe seeds and if you are out of some then I will take others (I will write that in the letter). I have written cheques in US funds and US based folks tell me it has worked for them. Thanks again for setting up the seed business. I am also joing a Canadian heritage seed exchanger group – I think I wrote before to you about discovering the seeds

    M Blaney

  21. Hi Jackie…
    I am looking all over and can’t find the mailing address I need to order some watermelon seeds….could you please email me the address so that I can place my order? Thank you…


  22. Please consider adding payment via Paypal. I use it as a merchant for my business and for buying things. Easy to set up, great to do business with. I think you would sell a lot more. Plus, you do get better prices on shipping via USPS and UPS when you print your labels through Paypal site. FYI. Love your books and articles!

  23. Tried the link several times. It comes up the file is damaged and cannot be repaired. Is there another way to get the seeds available and prices?

    • Hi, JJ. I asked a few people to try the download and it worked fine. Please try again. If you still cannot download it, please send an email to webmaster[at] requesting the file and I’ll email it to you.


  24. Hello, I’m in Europe end will be unable to send a US-denominated check or cash. However, I was considering getting a subsription to BHM at last. Is there any way I could add the price for the seeds to that of the subscription so you could get it? I also obvioulsy have PayPal but it doesn’t look like you’d use it.

  25. The link for the catalog is in the green box at the top of this page. And the price list is in the paragraphs at the top of the catalog. It’s sort of a one size fits all pricing….very reasonable, too.

  26. Wonderful! I am putting the order in the mail today. I am excited to try these hardy varieties as I live very near the shore of Lake Superior and the season is short. I am also happy to be able to save the seeds from my harvest. Thank you for sharing!

  27. Will these seed varieties do well in northeast alabama/southern tennessee? We are zone 7.

    Thank you,