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Jackie Clay

Ahh! Warmer weather!

Monday, January 13th, 2014

I don’t think we’ve ever been so happy to feel warmer winter weather in our lives. After nearly a month of below normal, brutal, unrelenting cold, we’ve hit a spell of warmer weather. Yesterday it was 32 degrees ABOVE zero! Okay, so we had freezing rain. David and I drove down in it to my granddaughter, Ava’s second birthday party … all 114 miles. It was a little tense at times but really not that bad. Our little old Subaru Outback was wonderful.

And, oh, how much fun we had playing with Ava! Will couldn’t come. No, he wasn’t bad. He was down with the same stomach flu we have all had. No fun at all! When we left he was on the couch with a plastic ice cream bucket tucked in nearby, just in case. And when we got home yesterday evening, he was still there, although he had gotten up a few times to put wood on the fire and tend the dogs. (The dogs couldn’t understand that he was sick and kept pestering him unmercifully, as did Mittens.) He was real glad when we got home.

Before coming down sick, he finished the last coat of poly on the new bathroom vanity and was working on the “new” Craftsman radial arm saw he’d picked up cheap on a Do-Bid online auction for $34. After going online to research the saw, he found out that there had been a recall on it so he called the help line. As a result, Craftsman sent him a complete kit to rebuild the guard assembly and also a new table top. Now it looks and will perform like new! Pretty good deal, huh?


Meanwhile, I’ve been playing catch-up doing all the little “chores” to make the animal shelters even more weather-tight for the next cold spell. (We’re not dumb enough to believe the rest of the winter will be like it is right now!) And I’ve been trying to catch up on my cleaning; when I had the stomach flu last week, everything pretty much stopped, except for Hondo, our little “monster baby” who loves to drag stuff around and chew it if it’s chewable.


I can hardly wait to see what the bathroom vanity and kitchen cupboards look like when assembled. Will and I picked up the last two base cabinets a week ago and also the last piece of counter top, bought with some of our beef money. I already have the sink and only need the faucet and we can put it all together. Wow! — Jackie

5 Responses to “Ahh! Warmer weather!”

  1. rose kelley Says:

    I am always amazed at how much you all get done, even if its bad weather or one of you all are sick. Way to go Jackie and Will.

  2. Sheryl Napier Says:

    So very sorry you have been sick. But how wonderful the progress you are making!

  3. Jessi S Says:

    We must be trading weather patterns back and forth! It’s been alternating between -35 and +30 with freezing rain in my neck of the woods, too… but to be expected in AK. Always thankful for a wood stove and a full woodshed. I hope you’re on the mend, Will.

  4. jackie Says:


    Will and I are both on the mend and feeling better. I wish the weather was as fine. We’ve got snow, cold and wind. Brrr. Thank goodness spring is only a few weeks away…..

  5. Marilyn in Missouri Says:

    Ahh, Jackie; so optimistic! We love that about you! Yes, spring IS only weeks away and there is much to do before she gets here. Our snow is just about all melted but the wind chill was 7 today which was a good reminder that winter is not quite finished with us yet. Plan to start some cool season seeds tomorrow. :) Marilyn in SW Missouri

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