The medallion goes up — 10 Comments

  1. Nancy,

    Don’t give up; some tomatoes take three weeks or even more, depending on variety and conditions, to pop up. Hang in there and you can always replant a few in other containers, just to be sure.

  2. Very nice!! I planted 9 tomato seeds, new this year, and only one came up. Don’t plant much because of being gone most of the summer but need more then one tomato.

  3. gen,

    Woops forgot the E-W thing. I guess Will figured that if he marked N & S, folks could figure out the rest. As our house sets a little off true South, he decided to mark it so people could orient themselves better. When I built the house I wanted the most solar gain in the winter and also the best view of our beaver pond.

  4. gen,
    No, the beavers are still under 3 feet of snow over 3 feet of ice. I’m expecting a slow spring warm up here. We always have our April snow storm or blizzard, even after all of the snow has gone and my tulips and daffodils are coming up. So I don’t think spring is here yet even though the next week is supposed to be above freezing during the daytime.

  5. Robin,

    Peppers are more heat-sensitive than tomatoes, requiring more warmth to germinate quickly. At 75, I’ve had them pop up in a week but at 65, they’ve taken three weeks or longer. See if you can give them a little more heat but don’t put them in a sunny window or you may cook them. When we lived on grid, I used a heating pad set on low, under a cookie sheet with the flat set on top of that. It worked great. Here, I set my flats, covered with plastic, on a shelf next to our wood stove so it’s nice and toasty.

  6. Sandie Knight,

    That’s okay. Moving the peppers down to near the floor gives them a cooler temperature but the same light.

  7. The medallion looks wonderful. I noticed Will marked N and S on it, but from the angle, I couldn’t see E or W. I live quite a bit further south than you’all, but my dad said our weathermen are predicting we could still have a few snow flurries well into April. I haven’t seen that happen in almost 40 years. Are your beavers showing any signs of movement yet?

  8. Wow, the medallion looks great. My tomatoes also came up within a week but green peppers hasn’t even peeked through. It’s been around 12 days. Is this normal or should I replant?

  9. Oh so that’s how you prevent them from getting leggy, slow their growth – is it moving down to get less light or cooler temperature? Oops. Guess that’s a question…..