Our heat spell continues — 7 Comments

  1. Linda Bee,

    Well, work is sort of like child birth; you soon forget the sweat, groaning and pain when you see the results. Then it’s all worth it. We just keep plodding along every day, then look back on all we’ve accomplished and feel awe.

  2. Wally,

    Ha ha. The tractor got stuck and is still stuck and the dozer threw a track while Will was going to pull it out. Then it rained four inches….and another three…. Oh well, ain’t farmin’ fun? Yep, we DO need a corn planter. Maybe a Craigslist wtb ad would work.

  3. Holly,
    You made me smile. Yes it does sound familiar. You might try using Wall’O Waters around your tomatoes and peppers when you plant them or use a small hoop house BEFORE the first spraying of your neighboring fields. It might just save them from chemical drift. Worth a try, huh?

  4. Did you really say …”With a little work…”!!! I am in awe with all you two accomplish, and I’m envious of your passion and commitment to your homestead.

  5. I think you might need a corn planter to plant that much corn. I think you should try a “wanted to buy” ad on Craigslist.

  6. I am glad to see Will made it home and the tractor doesn’t appear to be getting stuck anymore.

  7. Good luck your new fields, Jackie & Will. We have been spraying (yuck) to go after the wormwood – invasive species here – the last few years, but we are winning the battle and have good grass coming in. I planted tomatoes and peppers in the last two days while the neighboring commercial farmers with their 45 foot spray booms did their fields. Now I will see if any of my stuff survives this year. It will be a first if it does, but you have to keep trying! We cut trees, pulled stumps and dug out huge granite boulders to make a place in our sad shelter belt for 2 Haroldson apple trees, 2 Honeycrips and 1 Lucious and one Parker pear tree. It took nearly 2 weeks, a broken chain, broken chainsaw and the loss of a radiator hose on the big tractor – but we got them in. (Sounds familiar, huh?)