We’ve got all the tomatoes out of the Wall-O-Waters and caged (staked) — 8 Comments

  1. I have two 12 by 24 hoop houses made with a Johnney’s hoop bender from chain link top rail. The first one we left covered for four years now with no problem. We do sweep them off when it snows. I have three three foot raised beds in each. We planted early greens in late april and transplanted tomatoes in wall o waters the first of may. We have been eating greens and radishes for three or four weeks and asian turnips for two. Keeping them covered makes for much earlier planting. Have had frost within the last week and it was 34 last night. We also have a 12 by 24 heatable (with a wood stove or propane) green house. Put pots of tomatoes in it may 15 and I not only have tomatoes set but one is almost ripe. I have been collecting early, cold tollerant varities from the seed houses. Most are determanent. Here in the Copper River Basin of Alaska you just can’t grow tomatoes in the regular garden most years. Affe also grow our beans, squash, and cucumbers in the hoop houses and peppers in the green house. Good luck with the new hoop house.

  2. Prayers for you and your family……isn’t it heartbreaking the way some things are completely taken out of our hands and put in the hands of someone that “knows better what’s good for us”……how did this country get to be that way? Praying he can move back closer to you all…..

  3. Prayers for your son Jackie and I wish you and David a very safe trip. Glad things on the homestead are coming along. Thanks for the update!

  4. Try Manuka honey on open sores that are hard to heal or any open wound. We used it on a wound that most of the flesh rotted of on our dog from a rattlesnake bite and she healed completely after the vet told us she would probably not make it and if she did, she would need major skin grafts! I use it all the time now.

  5. We’re from the gubbamint and we’re here to help you.


    Best wishes to Javid – you go, Momma Bear!

  6. God bless your son, and absolute best wishes to your son. What a terrifying thing! I know he will overcome.

  7. Prayers for your trip and for your son. It would be nice if he could go back to be closer to you all. As to the garden, I have asparagus and peas. I hate doing fairs!!!

  8. Best wishes to your son. I sure hope he gets back into his own apartment and a job. it’s unbelievable how “they” made this decision for him that will so obviously impact his life negatively. So wrong.

    I shall never tell you anything about my garden. If we took a tour it would be over in 20 minutes! I am so amazed at all you prepare, plant, harvest, and store.