Q and A: whole wheat bread recipe — 9 Comments

  1. Rita Caldwell,

    The book is JACKIE CLAY’S PANTRY COOKBOOK and is available through the magazine. You can just click on it on the magazine’s website or order from the blank in the back of your issue of Backwoods Home Magazine. You’ll find this recipe and hundreds more easy, tasty recipes with ingredients found right in your pantry. No wierd ingredients or difficult recipes. I promise!

  2. All,

    This recipe is real easy but it is naturally sticky dough so you don’t need to or shouldn’t refrigerate it. I just beat it with a spoon and let’er rise in the bowl (covered with a moist kitchen towel). Sorry I made everyone hungry. You DON”T want to know how much of that bread I ate myself!!

  3. Jackie
    I can’t find this cookbook she is talking about. Any ideas or willing to share that whole wheat bread recipe??

  4. I could smell that loaf of homemade bread all the way from Minnesota to Texas. Somehow it just came through my computer. I really think it should be against the law for someone to be able to cook bread like that and use the pictures to torment women like me who can’t resist bread! Jackie, you are amazing!

  5. I do the dough refrigeration too, except for ciabatta bread, which sits on the counter for 24 hours or more. It does hydrate the flour and also starts the gluten development. Richard Blunt wrote a Backwoods Home article about this process. I also often add dry cracked or chopped grains to my bread and they take up a lot of moisture, so the overnight in the refrigerator is a must. My go to tool for breadmaking is a bench knife from King Arthur Flour. I can get it under any sticky dough to flip and move it. Jackie’s bread looks better than anything I’ve ever produced in my life. Just awesome. Who could resist? That’s real talent and expertise.

  6. Hi, Gretchen; Have you tried refrigerating the dough? That always seems to make dough very manageable for me. Maybe try making the dough and refrigerating it overnight so that you can knead it, shape it, and let it rise? They say that putting it in the fridge overnight allows the flavors to develop. All I know is it takes a lot of the sticky out of dough, and is perfect for making dough that needs to be rolled out. The recipe sounds really wonderful!


  7. Gretchen, whole wheat dough takes longer to absorb liquids & also for the gluten to develop. I knead my bread dough for 20 minutes the first time. The longer you knead, the drier it does seem to get.