Getting back to “normal” after my trip — 12 Comments

  1. I wish I had known you would be so near, I would love to meet you and ask all kinds of questions and share information. You sound like a kindred spirit. I live in Logan Montana very close to Wheat Montana.

  2. Jackie , I try to drive to the same wheat Montana store once a year to purchase a years worth of flour, same varieties as you but add on the natural white and rolled oats. We don’t have a wheat grinder yet so we buy flour. I put it in storage tubs in the truck bed to keep the weather off of it in transit. It is a 4 hour ride one way for us but well worth it. They have an online store and you can order their products and they will ship. Their website also had some great recipes on it. Congrats on the good trip and on getting your son set up closer to you.

  3. Nancy Hoppe,

    Yep, Hondo IS getting big! Sometimes he still insists that he “needs” to sit on my lap though. It sure can’t be comfortable for him but he’s a “baby” after all.

  4. I really like the rock wall too. I might have to come up there for some instructions next summer. It along with all of your other building projects look great.

  5. The barn is looking fabulous. Also wanted to let you know I always love the pictures of the dogs. The pup has sure gotten big!

  6. Pat,

    They do, don’t they? Helen and Scott were the “parents” of slip-form concrete and rock and all manners of rockwork on their homestead.

  7. Debby Rich,

    So is your aunt a long-time resident of Manhattan? The reason I ask is Mom grew up there and went to school there in the twenties. They lived a couple of miles south of town.

  8. Hey I sure hate to make you all jelous but I live in Helena and visit Wheat
    Montana every month and half or so. I take my aunt who lives in an
    assisted living home in Manhattan, mt one of those sweet rolls. She just loves
    I am so glad that you had such an awesome visit back to Mt.
    Please don’t work to hard and take care with your adopt son

  9. OMG. I too love to bring home rocks from vacation. After visiting my daughter in Alaska last year I realized I didn’t bring home enough rocks for projects, she shipped me 23 pounds of rocks. Lol