We’ve had a few busy days — 10 Comments

  1. Miss Jackie, I have read Summer of the Eagles several times and love it. Can’t wait for the next episode in Jess life to come out…..So when you know the date it will be released be sure to blog about it and the price. I don’t mind getting one from Amazon which the family can read, but I want a signed copy direct from you as one of those precious things we all save just because they are so special to us!!!! I only have a few of those special things…..your book is one of them….. Blessings Rick

  2. Susan,

    Yep, we get Farm Show. It’s amazing at what some folks have done! I think Will has an idea for the engine so I’m just waiting to see what happens. I have confidence in him!

  3. Lynn,

    We neve have had trouble with the roots escaping from the pellets. In fact, when I transplant the seedlings, the roots are already well out and gettting bigger!

  4. Elizabeth,

    This year I just got the peat pellets at our local farm and ranch store as I didn’t have time to order them from a catalog. They aren’t cheap but they do a good job for us and save time.

  5. What model MULE? Part of me thinks Harbor Freight 400cc engine might get the job done, another part says Ski-Doo 550 fan two-stroke for budget re-power options.

    With year and model info, I can poke around for ideas…

  6. About an engine for the Mule: ever read Farm Show? They have lots of stories of people who have repowered all kinds of machinery – even putting V-8 engines in garden tractors. I suspect, with some ingenuity, a junkyard car engine (maybe a 4-cylinder from a small car) would work.

  7. I have read a lot of negative posts about roots not making it out of the stretchy peat pot linings. It seems you have good luck with them. Could you comment on that sometime?

  8. Glad you two had a successful trip! Happy for you on the book reviews too! Waiting for the next one impatiently.

  9. Where do you guys get your garden supplies? Do you buy in bulk at a a big box store or do you mail order your supplies (specifically your peat pots)?