Our new apprentice, Krystal, arrived — 13 Comments

  1. All,

    Thanks for the sympathy and care. I’m feeling much less sore except my bad knee. I think I struck it during my bounce off the porch. We were using the tractor but it was still a lot of lifting/sliding the beam. And we had to get it in so Tom could finish the shingling. Which he did. We are so happy with the results.

    And yes, we really appreciate having Krystal here this summer!! What a gem.

  2. Beth,
    No, we bought it new. We couldn’t find a used one; they want as much for a used one as a new one!!! I earmarked my money for a speaking engagement for it as I knew we’d need one now that we’re tilling SO much more ground.

  3. So sorry Jackie a out your fall. Be as careful as you can. It is those falls that can forever change the quality of life we live. 500 pounds? No I’m sorry that is too much even for three 20 something guys! Fetch a few sons, neighbors, and then move it. Save your backs, hips, etc. I learned the hard way, my last fall brought me torn rotator cuff and ripped biceps. Over a year of recovery. I am reminded often I’m not Wonder Woman anymore. My cape is hanging in moth balls. truly hope you are up and strong really soon Jackie.

  4. WOW! That compost is looking good! Nice tiller too, and it will sure make short work of the big areas. Glad you have an apprentice homesteader and it’s amazing what a difference some extra help means. We have had a wet spring here. The Hopi Gray loves it, but it’s man-0-mano with the weeds! Sorry about the ladder mishap and hope you bounce back quick! (no pun meant)

  5. Ditto Deb and Wendy.

    I am wondering just how you thought the two of you could lift 500 pounds!!!

    So glad you found Krys

  6. My heart just stopped when you wrote about the fall. So glad you bounced.

  7. Goodness Jackie! I’m SO glad that you weren’ t badly injured! We worry for you and Will. Glad to meet Krys in your note. She’s a lucky one! Thanks for the update on the homestead happenings.

  8. Did you guys find the tiller used? They are in short supply around here, used. Guess no one ever turns one loose.

  9. After a couple of tumbles of my own, I am not longer the fearless ladder climber as I have found I don’t bounce as well as I did several years ago and a few pounds ago. Even before I had a bone density test, I knew I was safe. I have been testing my bone density on my own for the last few years. lol…don’t try this at home. I am glad you are only sore. That sounds like a bad fall.

  10. Be Careful with yourself!! You have no idea how important you are to so many people.

  11. Jackie, you’re going to scare us to death, you and those ladders. I am so happy you found the right person to intern with you this summer. I had been reading everything to see if someone had applied. WONDERFUL! I’m afraid I’m a bit old and arthritic to have even attempted to help you’all, but I was wishing; that and I’m my grand daughter’s ?stay-at-home? responsible party. I have been researching, am signed up for some hands on classes with the dreaded pressure canner, and I think I’m going to purchase the smaller Presto canner. It holds seven quarts, and I believe I’ll be able to handle it’s weight, where the larger ones would be difficult. We have been lucky, and got almost 3 inches of rain in the last 2 days, with more coming. Prayers have been answered, for sure. Take care of yourselves, and enjoy the warmer weather.