Where the heck’s the sun? — 6 Comments

  1. What have I done? I have probably just jinxed myself. Watch us get a blizzard this year. Would be the first one since the 70s. Then you can really laugh :-)

  2. We’re under a weather advisory for snow tomorrow night and Friday. Forecast is for around 5″. I’m planning to hibernate.

  3. Sheryl,

    Not even drain the hoses???? I hate you. I hate you. Lol! But you get hurricanes…….

  4. That looks like our yard this morning! Yuck, we don’t like it either but we’re Canadian eh, so we’ll deal with it. Almost ready for winter here too.

  5. I like your flag Jackie….good for you! :-)

    We are west of you….still working on the chicken house (palace – R-13 walls), R-7.5b floor with 1″ plywood and 3/8″ plastic on top). Still need to put the roof on – part of the ventilation is in. Lots of wind tomorrow (Wednesday) and lows about 20F here. Stay warm!

  6. I’m so glad you have gotten a reprieve so you can work on the vehicles. Sounds like you have just about everything else ready for winter. Wonderful! Here in the southeast I don’t even drain the water hoses. In fact, I am trying to think what I do do to get ready for winter. Hmmm…nothing :-)