We survived New Year’s Eve — 7 Comments

  1. They’ll never get that mattress back out – now they’ll never be able to leave! As an adult sharing a house with my aging parents, I think I can say that we all enjoy and benefit from it. It might be a little more of a challenge if I wasn’t single, but it’s nice to be with family.

  2. Rick,

    That sounds like you had great fun. I love being out at night, especially in the winter. You can see tons of stars too!

  3. Lisa,

    Wow, 200 puzzles? I’d go nuts! We especially like the nature ones….like you wouldn’t guess.

  4. Hey I am a little slow at reading your blogs. But you were talking about
    scraping the ice of your windshield. I have to remind our daughter to put
    an old sheet accross her windshield every year because her car is out also.
    And put the old sheet in between the door and the thing that comes down.
    that way the sheet does not blow off and keeps your windshield nice and
    dry. Our daughter has a dryer to put her sheet into. You may have to hang
    it up.
    But it sure helps on the windshields

  5. Did I hear someone speak of sled riding??? Some of the adults from our church go every time there is sufficient snow. The last time I went it was at night. It was snowing and we had a couple fires going. We roasted hotdogs and marshmallows on willow sticks and laughed because as the willow sticks thawed they really bent. It is so nice when grandchildren come!!! Rick

  6. I am definitely going to have to remember you guys in the future… I help run my son’s school rummage sale in the spring and we usually get puzzles in. One year we called the rummage sale ‘puzzle palooza’ since we had about 200+ puzzles donated and maybe 50 or so bought…I was looking every where to donate…senior centers, churches, other school…think we gave them to Goodwill at the end of everything! Good to know people that still enjoy puzzles! Have a great week and stay warm!