We took time to party — 4 Comments

  1. Diana,

    Yes, it is. But I need to make one correction on the blog. We bought a starter from them, not a battery. I think my fingers were controlled by elves.
    DB Electrical should have good publicity. We’re sold!

  2. Lisa,

    Hey, we’ll make the cake!! We’ll be happy to help you celebrate at the seminar! I’ll be posting information soon on the Seed Treasures website as well as here. Great to hear you’ll be coming again.

  3. Isn’t it sad when good customer service is something that evokes amazement? I think this company has earned a customer for life and earned alot of good publicity.

  4. That seminar sounds like a perfect birthday present for me…can I bring cake if I come for celebrating???! Let us know about prices, and I will keep checking the website. Enjoy the January thaw.