We’re nearly done planting — 8 Comments

  1. Stemless Lady’s Slipper, Pink Lady’s Slipper, and Pink Moccasin Flower are all common names for Cypripedium acaule. As nasty as some of the Latin names are to pronounce and remember, at least there’s only one of them per type of plant/flower–unlike the multitude of common names!

  2. All,

    Mystery solved!! “My” mystery orchid is a Stemless Lady’s Slipper, aka Pink Moccasin Flower! Scientific name: Cypripedium acaule. Wow, as often as I’ve run the Northwoods, I’ve never seen one before. Isn’t it great when you find something new to you? Then discover what it is, too. Thanks all you guys for your interest and information.

  3. My husband says it is consistent with Cypripedium acaule, Pink Lady’s Slipper. The BONAP taxonomic data center county distribution map and your description fits best with that.

  4. HI My computer only shows about one half inch of the plant, so my question may be hilarious; I am wondering if it could be a jack in the pulpit or a variation of a jack in the pulpit. Please keep writing, we love hearing about you and Will!

  5. according to the North American Orchid Center there are 12 varieties of native Lady slipper! Kinda reminds me of the Pink Lady Slipper we occasionally see here.

  6. Pretty sure its a pink moccasin flower, related to the showy lady slipper. They’re blooming in our bog here too, north of Duluth. It’s also called a stemless lady-slipper.