Work goes on, even if it’s snowing and cold — 11 Comments

    • Yeah Mike,

      Our old drill press drills very slowly so it doesn’t throw shavings or toss steel around but you’re right. To be absolutely safe, safety glasses and a clamp would be best.

  1. This winter has been so dang cold here I. Iowa, I don’t blame him getting impatient! My hubby has part of our garden I. Basement coming along!

  2. Boy, David is a go better, just like everyone else who ho.esteads. I hope the cough goes away soon. You can be proud of the son you raised. Spring is coming so keep up the good thoughts of planting as I am thinking spring also.

  3. Wow no moss grows under your whole family’s feet!! Wow you guys set such an example.

    It’s going to be 30 degrees toward the end of the week. WOW heat wave and gets your itching for the greenhouse.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I love the scavenging! I built my canning storage room almost totally out of leftover and scavenged wood last year – mix of dimensional lumber, mix of sheet lumber, most of it overkill for the job, painted different colors. Reminds me of my great-grandparents canning storage room.

    • Sure wish I had room for a canning storage room! We live in a city on a small lot. Wonder if I can insulate our shed enough to store canned goods without them being affected by the heat of the summer?

      • When I lived in an apartment in the city I had a sturdy rolling shelf that held my canned goods, in boxes. It resided in my bedroom, and I hung a quilt over it. Was kind of comforting to sleep with my food supply :-) Under bed storage, behind the couch, along a wall… not quite as convenient as the canning room now is, but practical, low cost, and secure.