We had our traditional Mother’s Day celebration — 9 Comments

  1. Love Wilbert’s cafe! Part of the Black Friday tradition with my mom to stop there going from Virginia to Duluth. I will have to check out the Zim greenhouse. Cherry Greenhouse gas a nice selection also. Fun to watch all the action that is happening at your homestead. Looking forward to the Orr Expo again!

    • Yes, we love Byrns Greenhouse and also the Cherry Greenhouse. I have to be careful not to spend TOO much. Lol! See you at the Orr Expo if not before!

  2. Finally got warm enough then its rain, rain and more rain. Going to say to heck with it and mud a few things in today !

    • Yuck. Last year we had rain all spring and summer. What a mess that was. We’re hoping for a bit drier this year.

  3. What a great pic of the family, and just love that smile on Will’s face! Glad that you had a great day. So lovely of you two to help out the fledgling gardeners. I’ll bet that they’re thrilled to have such an expert in their corner!

    • Just about every new homesteader feels kind of lost and overwhelmed on new land. Anything we “old timers” can do to ease that helps not only them but us as well.

  4. What a great Moms Day! Been following you a lot of yeas,Jackie, have all your books, so enjoyable and sooooo knowledgeable you are!