A Backwoods Home Anthology
The Eleventh Year



A year's worth of articles will be right at your fingertips, with all the ads and such removed!

A great informational value!

CD Features:

  • Quickly and easily locate topics and authors you are interested in
  • PDF format (Adobe Reader installers for Windows and Mac OS X are included on each disc)

Articles include:

  • Start a garden even in a cramped apartment
  • Keeping poison ivy under control
  • Indian pear trees
  • Electricity from the wind: Assessing wind energy potential
  • Propagate your plants
  • Dealing with ticks
  • Good garden bugs
  • Five breakfasts that are good for you
  • Armed and female
  • Build a large-capacity dehydrator
  • Use "wattle and daub" methods for lowcost construction
  • Grow your own celery
  • Finding the best dog for the country life
  • Solar water pumping basics
  • Nutrition and a vegetarian diet
  • Home dairying
  • Make a sure-fire live trap
  • Making natural dogfood
  • Good homemade jerky
  • Integrated PV/roofing
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Storing tender bulbs
  • Storing vegetables
  • A passive solar-heated tower house
  • Homeschooling through high school
  • Making lye soap
  • Weave your own basket
  • The coming American dictatorship
  • A Native American feast
  • Masonry stoves
  • An easy-to-make pot rack
  • Hungarian venison stew
  • Make your own insulated waterer
  • Home canning safety tips
  • Cooking lamb with style
  • 7 solar water heating system designs
  • ... and more!
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360 pages; 8.5" x 11"


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