A Backwoods Home Anthology
The Sixteenth Year



A year's worth of articles will be right at your fingertips, with all the ads and such removed!

A great informational value!

CD Features:

  • Quickly and easily locate topics and authors you are interested in
  • PDF format (Adobe Reader installers for Windows and Mac OS X are included on each disc)

Articles include:

  • Build your own solar-powered water pumping station
  • The art of chimney building
  • Practical preparedness planning
  • Breaking ice on hard water fishing
  • The forever floor
  • Removing mold
  • Cool weather greens are easy to grow
  • Build a heated germination bed
  • Tips for aging gardeners
  • Build a solar-powered outdoor light
  • Swiss chard
  • Add solar power to your truck camper
  • Solar window panels
  • Rebuilding the homestead greenhouse
  • PVC pipe in the home, garden, farm, and workshop
  • Grid-tie solar powered farm
  • Starting over again without a man
  • Self-reliance is a mindset
  • Lifestyle and cancer
  • Put your garden to bed for the winter
  • Gold panning
  • Kinder goats
  • Making sausages
  • Preparing black bear for the table
  • 10 country dos and don'ts
  • Teaching the joy of reading
  • Preparing for home evacuation
  • Make your own nut butters
  • Build a top-bar beehive
  • Frostbite
  • Ice dams on roofs
  • Gather rose hips for health
  • Finding your own freedom
  • Raising rabbits on the home place
  • Protect your home with DIY awnings
  • Fiddlehead ferns
  • Catch your own bait
  • ... and more!
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