A Backwoods Home Anthology
The Seventeenth Year



A year's worth of articles will be right at your fingertips, with all the ads and such removed!

A great informational value!

CD Features:

  • Quickly and easily locate topics and authors you are interested in
  • PDF format (Adobe Reader installers for Windows and Mac OS X are included on each disc)

Articles include:

  • Healthy homemade breads
  • Survival firebuilding skills
  • Build a home central vacuum system
  • Creating and maintaining your own sourdough starter
  • Avian flu
  • Buying the right emergency radio
  • Making beautiful carved hinges
  • Garden using tires
  • Take care of your knife
  • Water development — springs and seeps
  • Gardening tips and tricks
  • Once a day milking
  • Buying a used mobile home
  • A brief history of health and medicine
  • Drinks and desserts to help beat the heat
  • Cooking with seeds
  • Solve the problem of indoor air pollution
  • Homesite preparation and foundation
  • Wells for the homestead
  • Frontier-style handguns
  • Make your own biodiesel
  • Build a 6,500-gallon concrete water tank for $1,500
  • Homemade pickles and relishes
  • The enchanting Chanterelle
  • Raising quail
  • One-pan grouse supper
  • When wild animals invade your homestead
  • Killer blizzards
  • Modify your oven to bake great bread
  • Build a poured slab foundation for your new home
  • Healthy homemade tofu
  • Ponds, cisterns, and tanks
  • Kids in the kitchen
  • How to grow potatoes
  • Grow garlic and reap health benefits
  • Cold-hardy grapevines
  • ... and more!
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