Q and A: moving to Minnesota, growing beans on arches, and using manure for garden compost — 3 Comments

  1. Your reader may also want to look at the areas around Roseau and Warroad. Lots of property available, much of it very reasonable. Great fishing and hunting, and several large employers. Finding work is not a problem, but like International Falls, it is a drive to get to any major shopping centers.

  2. Barb, I put 16 foot cattle panels curved up with fence posts to hold the ends and my beans grow up them so nicely. The center is 8 foot and I am so short I can just barely each the top. But it is the best way I have ever grown pole beans. Will do peas that way this year. I usually grow them on a 16 foot hog panel but will do the arches this year for them.

  3. I live up around International Falls, MN. Could check that out too for what you are looking for. Very friendly people, hunting, fishing, snow mobile trails, all kinds of wildlife and cheap property. We have 108 acres with older fixer upper we paid $64,000 for. We are very happy here. Fairly remote however and you don’t have shopping centers or anything like that.