We’ve been busy, trying to play catch-up from our late spring when all of a sudden, Will says he pulled his back, lifting the idler wheel into the crawler/loader he replaced the track tensioner seals on. Then the pain got worse. And worse, instead of better, radiating into his groin area. On Sunday it was really bad so off to the ER we went. After all days’ worth of testing and a CT scan, the doctor said he thought he’d passed a kidney stone and had residual pain. (He had previously passed a BIG one in 2014.) So we came home and he spent two days longer, lying down as sitting and walking made the pain bad — lying down, it was gone. Finally, today, when I threatened to take him to the doctor again, he said it was better. He even acted better last night, sitting up to watch some TV. And today he’s walking around outside, threatening to work on the haybine he needs to repair. I told him in no uncertain terms that was not going to happen yet! But I have hopes he’s on the mend.

Last night we got a horrible storm! After a long period of intense heat and drought, we were informed there was a severe thunderstorm moving our way. Half of us said “Yea!” while the other half said, “Oh oh!” We needed the rain badly so our late-planted crops would germinate, but we didn’t need a bad storm or a tornado! I went outside and took a look at the sky and went “Oh oh!” again. Those cloud banks looked fearsome! The wind picked up and picked up.

The storm approaching…

We ended up with 90 mph wind gusts and boy did the wind generator scream! Then the rain dumped and more wind. I was just going to suggest we take a walk to the basement when it started to abate some. Finally, the storm passed, and we breathed a sigh of relief but hoped the tomato transplants hadn’t been broken off. I checked this morning, and they were fine. Whew! The closest town of Cook did suffer some damage that may have been a small tornado — trees broken off and uprooted, a roof torn off a house and such damage. Our friends’ hoop house at their nursery, The Watering Can, was twisted out of shape and destroyed. So, yes, it was a pretty bad storm, all in all. We were grateful that we suffered no damage and got some rain. This morning, the corn and beans are up! Hooray! — Jackie


  1. So glad about Will recovering and your storm not damaging your crops! Take care you two!

  2. If that storm went through about June 15-16th. It was the same one we got here in NE WI. We were without power for 48 hours. And people laughed at me when I wanted a generator for Christmas. Ha! The only damage we had was a post holding up the deer fence was broken in half and a few branches from the neighbor’s trees were in our yard. There were 8 confirmed tornadoes in the area that day. We live on a half acre lot in suburbia. Since retiring, I’ve been working on making our little place more sustainable. Amazing what can be done on a small lot.

  3. So sorry about Will and I am glad he is better. Why is it always one step forward but two backwards? I’m glad you missed the hail. There has been so much of it overseas. I piddle in my (very tiny compared to you) garden, fighting bugs, deer, woodchucks, and voles. I think I might be getting the upper hand but probably shouldn’t have said that out loud…oops!!!

    • Right! They can HEAR you. I’m sure glad we missed the hail too. And the tornado.

  4. So glad to hear Will is feeling better and you got no damage from the storm. I am always thankful for rain but I am not a fan of storms. Prayers for a good week! Happy Gardening

    • Thanks Marilyn! We can always use prayers. Things are looking up. Now if only the heat would let up so I can really work!

  5. My younger brother (he is 60 now), had sciatica surgery perhaps 10 years ago. It was very successful. He did a LOT of research before selecting his Dr – who is sadly retired now – and would be about 6 hours away from you. As an avid and life long weight lifter, hunter and fisherman, he has stayed in exceptional shape. Prior to his surgery he would lay on the floor with a foot on his desk to relieve pain. (Fortunately, he was self-employed.) That may help Will as well if it is Sciatica.

    We may have more storms coming through tomorrow. So far we haven’t been hit quite that hard. Hopefully they will not eventually reach you.

    • Thankfully, today, Will’s pain is gone and he’s happily back to work, albeit gentle work today. Thank God!! I was worried, as you can imagine. I’m happy your brother’s surgery cured his back trouble. Sciatica is so painful!

  6. I have a similar pain problem, which I think is sciatica, or maybe hip arthritis or bursitis. Same thing, lying down relieves pain, standing (especially) or sitting makes it worse. The problem with nerve pain is it radiates. Sometimes the pain is felt in my knee, thigh, lower leg, or ankle. I doubt very much if it was a kidney stone, especially if it seemed to be caused by the strain of lifting a heavy object. One thing I find helpful is sitting on a car seat, which is soft and padded.

  7. Wow, Jackie! A bum husband (I know what that is like and good luck with keeping Will down) and a heck of a storm. That’s more than anyone’s share at once. Best wishes.

    • Luckily, Will is back, pain-free today and we missed the worst of the storm. So, we have a lot to be thankful for, don’t we???

  8. I live in the Black Hills in South Dakota. Storm warnings every night. Wind and hail has been hitting all around us but the Lord is sending us the rain. Several inches the last 2 weeks. We have been blessed. Hubby’s can be a challenge. How is his heart doing. Am sending prayers as I am sure others are also.
    Love to you all.

  9. Let me know when you figure out how to make our guys take some rest. Maybe the ‘back to the doctor’ is a good one. Amazing that the wind did not take down any plantings and/or buildings. So glad you came through it. Blessings.

    • And my “back to the doctor” was no idle threat and he knows that. It doesn’t help him that a couple of our good friends are doctors or retired surgeons!! We are so thankful. He’s back, pain-free today.

  10. There are times when that Y chromosome can seem to be more trouble than it is worth lol. I’m glad he’s on the mend and that you are keeping him from overdoing it as he’s feeling better.
    Scorcher here today – hit 100 and I don’t want to know what the heat index was. Humidity was low and there was a nice breeze so not as bad as it could have been. Got enough rain to make the deck wet so we’ll have to water the garden in the morning.

    • Whew, 100 makes my tongue hang out!! We had mid 70’s today. VERY nice!! And to make it better, Will woke up with no pain. Yea!!!

    • It’s tough; Will’s one stubborn Marine!! But he’s pain-free today and I’m really thankful.

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