This is the one-thousandth entry I’ve posted for this blog.

The first was in April 2008.

A lot of water over the dam, and lotsa spent brass on the ground, since then.

And lots of people to thank.  Backwoods Home founder Dave Duffy, for making it possible. His family and staff, particularly webmasters Oliver del Signor and Jessie Dunning.  My own Evil Princess, who serves as tech support as well as adult supervisor on this end.  The occasional guest writers, most notably (and most recently!) Jim Fitzpatrick, who has done such a great job covering the SHOT Show here for the last couple of years.

And, first and foremost, all of you who read this.  You’ve collectively logged more than 29,000 comments, making for some very lively and informative reading.

Thanks to all.  I’m looking forward to more.


  1. Congrats Mas, enjoy your work. Now, come to Wellington, KS in July for the GSSF shoot at Trigger Guard Range. Close to Wichita airport, Kansas Star Casino facility just 20 minutes away and oh what a well run shoot by owner, range master Mike Yoder. Oh yes, and well attended, see the numbers.

  2. Congratulations, Mas! That’s quite a milestone. Thanks for all you have done and continue to do to advance the cause of gun rights and armed self defense.

  3. Congrats, Mas.
    It’s been a long time since we first met spent many hours on the phone.
    See you soon in July. Let us hope for good weather!

  4. Many thanks for all the great info over the years and showing us what is going on in the industry via the Shot Show.

  5. Yes, Congratulations Mas, for all that you do and for the armed citizenry. Your observations are always spot on at least in my book! Your column is appreciated and enjoyed. Please keep up the good work. Here’s wishing you and your significant other a great 2019!

  6. Watch out! 1000 posts supporting the Second Amendment will definitely qualify the writer for special attention from the alphabet police if Hillary makes it back into the White House in 2021.

  7. Mas,

    So a computer is “…a typewriter with a silencer.” HILARIOUS!

    Thanks for your blogs, books, magazine articles, classes and videos. The World Wide Web has lots of information, good and bad. It’s up to free people to choose what they view. The people who read your material have chosen wisely, and the others are missing out.

    Oh well, that’s freedom for you. I hope we can keep it!

  8. Mas – To paraphrase the old Chinese proverb, the journey of a 1000 blogs began when you first sat down with your suppressed typewriter! 🙂

    I did not discover your blog for some years after it started. So I was interested in following your link and reading the first one.

    What stood out for me is that we are still fighting the same war of survival against an implacable set of Leftist fanatics. Many of the same foes are still around.

    Barack Obama did the maximum possible damage to America, that he could, while he was in office. He bogged down the American economy with burdensome regulations. He helped expand the “Deep State” in D.C. and turned it into a weapon that the Leftist Democrats could freely use against their ideological enemies. He attempted to rule by Executive Order rather than by Law and Order. He expanded the use of identity politic and inflamed racial tensions so as to set American against American. I can say (without reservation) that he was the worst and most destructive President that I have seen in my lifetime. Which is saying a lot given that I have lived to see LBJ, Carter and Clinton serve as Presidents. Thank God for the 22nd Amendment which prevented him from running for a third term.

    Hillary is still around and still lusting for the Presidency if rumor is to be believed. Some say that she will try again in 2020. I hope not. She ran the most corrupt campaign in American History in 2016. She fixed the Democratic nomination process so that no other candidate had a chance. Then she pulled every dirty trick in the book (plus inventing a few new ones like getting her friends in the Justice Department to exonerate her many crimes so that she could continue as a candidate) to try to get herself elected as President. God and the American People teamed up to stop her.

    McCain is gone but he proved himself to be a RINO and a dedicated member of the “Deep State” before he passed over. The only thing that can be said of Senator McCain is that he would have been better than Obama as President. However, that is like saying that it is better to have the Swine Flu then Bubonic Plague.

    Things have gotten noticeably worse in the American Political Climate since you wrote your first blog. The election of Obama sent us on a downward trajectory and we are now 10 years closer to a Civil War. I pray daily that America will reverse her course and turn away from the direction that the Godless Leftists are trying to drag us and turn back to America’s Great Founding Principles. They can still save us if we will only embrace them once more.

  9. Congratulations, Mas!!! You are by far the most knowledgeable, interesting, & informative gunwriter that I know of (as well as the finest instructor) & I think that I’m familiar with them all. It is such a pleasure to be able to read what you write here every day, along with the many interesting comments that you elicit from other readers, without having to wait for the next issue of a magazine or the next publication of one of your books, although I eagerly look forward to them also. Interacting with you all is a major source of enjoyment for me. I hope that you will never retire.

  10. And just think what you did to advance the career of Mongo. I hear he’s got his own YouTube channel, and appears on Howard Stern on a regular basis.

    Congrats on your accomplishment. You are indeed someone who leaves the world a better place than you found it.


  11. Thanks uncle Mas, for all you do. I just realized that I’ve been with you for well over half my adult life; keep ’em coming!

  12. No matter how busy your schedule and life are, you have always continued writing here and I want you to know that I appreciate that you do. You information and education have been awesome.

  13. Thank you Mas, and thank you to Backwoods Home for giving your blog a home.

    Looking forward to the next thousand.

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