1. “Sure, winning is better, but playing and not winning beats hell out of not having played.”

    The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena . . . who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.
    ~Theodore Roosevelt

  2. Great column Mas! Your efforts to get folks out and to the matches / social events are much appreciated! And, sounds like ya done good, ya old curmudgeon! 🙂

  3. Pistol matches are some of the best socializing options out there. Getting a GLOCK to look presentable as a BBQ gun however is a royal pain. 🙂 It was a pleasure to have you visit us in Orlando as well as share your wisdom. Come back soon.

  4. For me shooting small arms of all kinds have been always relaxing but when my son was born my wife did not want any guns of any kind in the son is grow any lives a few states away now 2 years ago she agreed i could onece again have guns in the house. i own 3 guns 1 is ataurua m605 this is my everyday gun .2 i have a PT1911AR .45ACP last is my M&P.40 i also have a CCW from my state of Georgia i carry all the time everywhere i can legely do so.i whis i could shoot every week but i am on afix imcome but i still shoot at least once a month.when i shoot all things troubling me i leave at the door.thank you for all of you insights in CCW and shooting i am readingyour book Concealed Carry. thanks again

  5. “And always remember, even if you place dead last, you still come in ahead of several thousand people who thought they were cool, but didn’t have the guts you had to stand and test your skills in public.”

    That’s a good one. I’ll have to remember it the next time someone comes up with all kinds of excuses for not wanting to shoot a match.

    Central Iowa

  6. Great post Mas,

    Even though I’m a new shooter (and almost old enough to classify as an IDPA Senior), I shot my first sanctioned match in January and even signed up to shoot the Smith & Wesson IDPA Winter Nationals in a few weeks.

    I figured someone has to come in last, it may as well be me. I managed 3rd from last in January, but I had a lot of fun. (and someday when I’m a better shooter, the experience will come in handy).

    At this point, I’m not even paying attention to time, just trying to be safe and accurate, I was down zero in several stages, so in my mind, I already won. 😉

    It is a great sport, and I’m very happy with the friends I have made through it.


  7. “Because we have to focus so intently on safety with the deadly weapons we’re handling, it forces out extraneous thoughts. Mortgage situations, the economy, inimical political parties in office, all gray out into the far background”

    I studied Aikido VERY seriously for 6 years, and the above was a huge plus. Think obsessively about your crappy day and you either get hit, or fall wrong and get hurt. It’s the fast path to living in the moment.

    I traded a G33 in on a Walther PPS, and fired the latter for the first time this w/e. The function was flawless, recoil was like a .380 and it pointed and fired true. The slimness offset the overall size compared to the G33, making it just as easy to carry front pocket. In all, a formidable everyday gun.

    I’ll keep my G17, but with the new gun control looming, I decided to dump .357 Sig as a caliber for logistical reasons.

  8. Mitch, I’m glad you’re enjoying IDPA.

    Your going to have a blast at the Midwinter Nationals tournament at Smith & Wesson. I’ve competed in that event several times, though I can’t make it this year, and twice had the privilege of being match director for the event. I can honestly say that I’ve never worked with a better trained, more fair, or more committed group of match personnel.


  9. Great blog Mas. I usually tell folks who ask why I like target shooting that it is just like golfing. What you do here makes a huge difference in where your ball or bullet lands down there. If your grip, stance, swing , or follow through etc is off then you will have a bad score. Of course, I find shooting much easier than golf overall. The other big plus is the skills learned may some day save my life. 🙂

  10. I love shooting my XD9 in comp. I’ve only been for about a year at a local range that has IDPA matches…. I still pretty much suck… LOL

    It’s great to be able to get out anytime to shoot anything.

  11. Mas
    As usual, great blog, wish we could have been in Orlando with y’all. Jax IDPA must be doing something right to have 100 shooters for a weekend match.


  12. Mas,

    Did you and Gail get the nasty three-week colds right after SHOT? I ask because my wife and I were at SHOT and we caught the same crud and it started a few days after the show.


  13. No, we were coming down with it on the way.

    Hope it wasn’t us that gave it to the rest of you…:-(

  14. Hey Mas; The Florida IDPA state championship Steel Challenge Match will be held on Feb. 27,28 and Mar.1 at the Wyoming Antelope Club Florida Chapter, Pinellas Park, Florida, also we are hosting a free PCC match on March 28, 2009 to get interest in shooting PCC in the Tampa Bay area.
    Old Sarge ( John E. Gluck )

  15. Thanks for the invite, John! I think there may be a scheduling conflict for me at the time of your PPC match, but will be down for the IDPA shoot to defend my SSR title. Hope to see ya there.

  16. Hi Massad, I recently purchased your book, ” The gun digest book of concealed carry” and want to thank you for such valuable information. I’m a relatively new shooter. I’m 65 years of age and now retired. Although I have three different firearms, 45 S&W, a Browning Buckmark, and a Taurus 38 wheel gun I am not considering any of them for ccw. I’ve spent hours on my I-Pad gleaning as much information as possible for different ideas about one reliable and truly accurate firearm, with great trigger pull in Stryker configuration. I am not a Glock fan. They remind me too much of Harley Davidson’s. everyone just has to own one. I’m leaning towards a Walther pp9 or ppq40 cal. Can you share your opinions on them? I highly regard your input. Thanks, Hoppy

  17. Hoppy, the Walthers are decent guns. If you’re looking for a slim, concealable auto pistol in a substantial caliber you also want to look at the Kahr series, the S&W Shields, and the recently-introduced Springfield Armory XDS pistols.