2 NEW GLOCKS FOR 2014 — No Comments

  1. I own an XDM 4.5 in 9mm and love it, but I have to admit a Glock in .380 is very tempting. Thanks for the review and all you do for the firearm and self defense community.

  2. Well now, a .380 Glock! I just bought my wife the LC380 and gave it the full upgrade (Galloway Precision trigger overhaul, Crimson Trace Laserguard, Williams Firesights). She absolutely loves it, and most importantly she shoots it very well…

    …but now we have to go find someone with the new Glock and see how the grip/trigger feel, and how much difficulty in racking the slide (my wife is very petite, many pocket pistols are simply too difficult for her to operate easily).

    Doggone it, Mas, I *just* crossed the 380 thing off the To Do list, and here you went and put it right back on there, LOL.

    On a related note, she currently loads 90gr Hydrashoks in her .380, but I’m wondering if there is a better defensive load available for her LC380. Would you suggest a different load? We’ve seen reviews on Federal’s Guard Dog and HST (both of which I’m considering for my 9mm) but they aren’t available in .380 at this point.

  3. Say Mas, is there any way that you could post a picture of the new Glock 42 next to a Ruger LCP so that we can compare sizes. It was my understanding that Glock had been making a .380 for some time just not importing it, probably because of Federal restrictions. Sounds like Glock made some changes so that it could pass muster with the feds.?

    Also when I first logged on you had an article about a couple of new books. Specifically one by a gun dealer that got caught up in the Fast And Furious scandal. When I reached for a pen the article disappeared what was the name of the book and author, please?

  4. I can’t figure out what happened to that entry. I did some rooting around on the internet. Was the book that I thought I saw on your blog, UNARMED TRUTH by John Dodson, ATF agent?

  5. Mas-

    Been with Glock products since ’93 (G19 for duty use) and have acquired dozens of others over the years.
    I know you don’t work for Glock, but they tend to shy away from giving straight answers….something you won’t do if at all avoidable.

    I love the size of the G42, but the caliber, to me, is a huge turn off. What do you think the chances of a G42 sized 9×19 and .40 S&W are in the near future? (Near meaning not next January at SHOT)

    Thank you in advance.

  6. Answering questions in no particular order:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Glock make a G42 size pistol in (mm Parabellum, but can’t say for sure if it’s on the list or when it might appear.

    Matt, there isn’t anything I really LIKE in .380, but your HydraShok is probably as good as anything so long as it feeds.

    The book asked about is “Guns Across the Border” by Mike Detty.

    Randy, I’ll try to get a comparison photo of the G42 and some other guns up in the next few days.


  7. Thanks for the information, Mas, that’s great news. As a Glock fan, I will probably want to get both of those models as soon as they become available. I agree with you that Glock makes the softest shooting .45’s that I know of.

    As a Sig fan also, I just got myself the super small P938 9mm with the longer 7 rd. magazines for Christmas. I haven’t had time to take it to the range yet, but I will be very interested to find out how well it shoots. Based on it’s size & weight, I expect it to have a snappy recoil, but still to be very controllable.

    Best wishes for the New Year to you all!

  8. This has to be the $64,000 question (Mas – do ya think I’m dating myself a bit with that?): When and where am I going to be able to even SEE a Glock G30-S?

  9. I’ve run across the 30-S in gun shops, but they do seem to be a bit thin on the ground. Industry scuttlebutt is that Glock is backordered by something like a million units right now.

  10. Let me first say THANK YOU for showing group sizes with different types of ammo. Many so-called “gun writers” and reviewers don’t show (their) groups at all, which is either a really stupid thing to overlook or a simply unacceptable cop-out.

    Secondly, I liked your video reviews. Showing the reduced slide/frame width was a very interesting point to observe. I do wonder about how well the frame will hold over its “lifetime” relative to the thicker (and in my mind, better-reinforced) slides and frames we already have seen prove themselves over the years, though.

  11. This is a tad off subject, but I must ask. I own a recently recalled/returned Springfield XDS in .45 ACP. I loved the gun before the recall – the improved trigger gives me even tighter groups now. However, the low round count has – and does – concern me for every day carry. Just how much thicker is the G30 S’s butt than my XDS’? Mas – in your opinion, should I switch?

  12. Don – PA

    I see you want a Glock 30S. Just want to say that I have a Glock 30 and it is wonderful. I thought it would kick, but it doesn’t, not with target ammo anyway. I haven’t tried it with high performance ammo. Also, it is so thick I thought it wouldn’t conceal easily. Strangely enough, when I put it in my belly band on my hip, it disappears! I check myself in the mirror and the darn thing conceals as well as my S&W Model 60 snubnose. So, here we have a relatively small pistol, in .45 ACP, which doesn’t kick much, conceals well, and holds ten rounds in the magazine. AMAZING!

  13. Well, Fezzywig – first, thanks so much for answering. REAL quick: Is your Glock 30 a 30SF (short frame)?

  14. 9 1/2 pounds in the center of the trigger? And then you add that is shooters “use the joint” (paraphrased) to shoot it’s not so bad?

    Umm WTF? You’re actually teaching people to use the joint of the index finger for their trigger press? Under stress? How does that work out on the range? I’ve seen it produce nothing but poor, wildly varying results ay 7 yards under ANY stress.

    And it seems that like the rest of the gen4s, the trigger has been adjusted to essentially NY standards. Not a bar I’d shoot for since the NYPD seems to MISS about 86% of their shots.

    Either I’m mysteriously somehow wildly out of step with new training methods (possible) or you just told people a 9 1/2 pound trigger, something I consider TOTALLY unacceptable in a self-defense handgun is perfectly fine because if they use inferior shooting methods, it doesn’t feel so bad.

    Again, WTF?

  15. Bill, while the mechanical pull weight is about nine pounds at the center of the trigger, it FEELS more like six or so. The reason, as noted on the video, is that more finger on the trigger gives more leverage.

    The rationale of the pad of the index finger on the face of the trigger tracks back to target pistols, cocked or self-cocked to single action with short, light trigger pulls. A majority of revolver shooters found that in double action work, drawing a relatively heavy pull for a relatively long distance, placing the distal joint on the center of the trigger gave more leverage while still allowing a straight back pull. It turns out to work very well with the Glock system so long as hand size and the pistol’s trigger reach allow that placement to be comfortable with the barrel still in line with the long bones of the forearm.

    Give it a try. The results may surprise you.


  16. Mas – with all due respect – please accept my apology for asking you to pick one firearm brand over another. I do know better, but apparently in my haste to find out what I REALLY want to know (the actual width of the butt of the G30S), my common sense took a hike. I am sorry.

  17. Don, didn’t mean to skip over you. Just didn’t have an XDS .45 on hand to measure against the 30-S. Nothing to apologize for on your end.

  18. Don, my XDS 45 & 9 grip frame widths are 1.0″ & my G30s is 1.27″ at same spot. It feels like much more than it measures, although all are great firearms. No problems with any of them. I say get them all.

  19. Rev – I’m with Mas – thanks for doing the leg work – and I DO appreciate your sentiment (“get them all”). Alas – if I could do that, I could have saved all of us here some time reading my comments. My plan is to find a G30-S and do the “subjective thing” vis-a-vis concealability – previous Glock experience tells me the grip will be just fine.

  20. Don, Good hunting! Regarding the 30S & carry, mine works great in my G19 Milt Sparks Summer II IWB, available from Brownells.
    I’m holding out hope to find the two new Glocks G41 & G42, as soon as I can get my hands on them I’m laying down the cash, I’ve been saving up the pennies since the rumors started.

  21. Well, gents, today I visited the local Bass Pro Shop, who actually had a 30-S a week ago (my buddy had it in his hands). They did not have the 30-S when I was there, but they DID have a 30-SF, which was all I needed to check concealabililty ’cause as we all know, the 30-S uses that frame. When I put the 30-SF in my XDS’ Remora holster (thick slide was squeeze) and tucked it into my appendix carry, it disappeared! Needless to say, I am now saving my $$$ as the 30-S has it all, as far as I’m concerned. To further confuse the issue (for me) – while at Bass Pro, I bought a Pachmayr “Tactical Grip Glove” for the XDS – guys, you gotta try this on the XDS! It is THE best $14 you will ever spend for this pistol! Fellas, sorry I ambled on – it’s kinda my style.

  22. Hold on a second…. are you saying you shoot hard case lead in Glock pistols? I thought even hard case was a big no-no, that you had to use at least plated lead in their ungroovy barrels.

    It’s been frustrating every time I had to buy a pile of plated bullets for loading rounds to take to the GSSF matches when I’m perfectly capable of casting them myself.