A Giant Passes — No Comments

  1. MAS, Brother Swiggett’s passing is indeed sad news, especially when it seems that gun owners are beleaguered from all directions, but perhaps we need to take Brother Swigget’s work ethic and apply it in our attempts to alert our elected officials to let them know just where we stand on these issues and make the necessary phone calls and write the necessary letters and E-mails to our elected officials to let them know where we stand on the issue of protecting our 2nd amendment rights. It appears that a Federal Judge has blocked the “Rule Permitting Concealed Carry” in our National Parks, this was reported in the WASHINGTON POST by reporters Juliet Eilperin and Del Wilber .”U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly issued a preliminary injunction in a lawsuit brought by gun-control advocates and environmental groups. The Justice Department had sought to block the injunction against the controversial rule.

    The three groups that brought the suit — the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the National Parks Conservation Association and the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees — argued that the Bush action violated several laws.

    In her ruling, Kollar-Kotelly agreed that the government’s process had been “astoundingly flawed.”

    She noted that the government justified its decision to forgo an environmental analysis on the grounds that the rule does not “authorize” environmental impacts. Calling this a “tautology,” she wrote that officials “abdicated their Congressionally-mandated obligation” to evaluate environmental impacts and “ignored (without sufficient explanation) substantial information in the administrative record concerning environmental impacts” of the rule.

    Interior Department spokeswoman Kendra Barkoff said the department could not comment because of “ongoing litigation.”

    The regulation, which took effect Jan. 9, allowed visitors to carry loaded, concealed guns into national parks and wildlife refuges if state laws there allowed it in public places. In most cases, a state permit would be required to carry a concealed weapon into a national park. ” MAS, I feel that this news and all that is sure to come in the rest of this Administration’s Agenda will seek to take away our 2nd AMENDMENT rights, and perhaps a lot more , THIS ASSAULT ON OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS SHOULD NOT PARALYZE US INTO INACTION BUT INSTEAD POLARIZE INTO ACTION TO PRESERVE THE VERY FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS THAT WE HOLD SO DEAR!

  2. Yes, sad news indeed. I’m sure I’ve read many articles by him in the 40+ years I’ve been reading every outdoors magazine I could find to read.

    Thanks for the link so I can go and reminice on somethings I’ve read before