Louisiana and South Carolina have just become the 28th and 29th states, respectively, to pass so-called Constitutional Carry, allowing law-abiding adult citizens to carry loaded and concealed handguns in public without a permit. 

I can remember when that was true of only Vermont.

Under constant attack though we are, we lawful gun owners are absolutely winning on this front. Mark my words, it will save the lives of good people who would have otherwise been victimized.


  1. “…we lawful gun owners are absolutely winning on this front.”

    Agreed, Mas. The American Left is attacking all of our rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights. Our 1st, 4th, 5th, & 6th Amendment Rights (along with parts of the 14th Amendment) have all been attacked and seriously undermined.

    Naturally, the Left has not neglected to attack the 2nd Amendment as well. Their attacks on the 2nd Amendment have been constant and vicious. However, on the 2nd Amendment, unlike with our other rights, they are failing.

    They are successfully suppressing freedom of the press, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to peacefully assemble and petition for a redress of grievances, the right to a fair trial by one’s peers, the right to privacy, etc. but they have FAILED to suppress the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    In fact, the tighter they grip the 2nd Amendment, the more it slips through their fingers! 🙂 With each willful act, to disarm the American People, the sales of Arms and Ammunition grows. Obama and Biden have been, arguably, the greatest firearms salesmen in history. The team of Obama and Biden have outdone historical salesmen, such as Sam Colt and Bill Ruger, by tens of billions of dollars in sales.

    In addition, recent Supreme Court decisions (Heller, McDonald, Bruen, etc.) have acted to solidify the Right to Keep and Bear Arms even more.

    Increasingly, the Left’s attacks on the 2nd Amendment have become more shrill and desperate. The Left knows that, to ensure their perpetual political power, the 2nd Amendment must GO and the American People must BE disarmed. If the Left fails to destroy the 2nd Amendment then, sooner or later, the 2nd Amendment will destroy them and their political power base.

    Therefore there is no limit to what the Left will do to disarm the American People. It is a matter of “Life or Death” to them.

    It is just my personal opinion but the destruction of the corrupt system, that sustains the Left’s political power base, cannot come fast enough in my book! Up with the 2A and down with Brandon! 🙂

  2. It will save the lives of good people who would have otherwise been victimized twice.

    Once by the criminal who assaults them, and again by the criminal “justice” system that persecutes good people while ignoring criminals.

    Good work, Louisiana and South Carolina! (Now whip North Carolina into gear and get them to pass it, too.)

  3. When we get Constitutional Carry passed here in Illinois, then I will know we are REALLY making progress! 😀

  4. Excellent! How many states does it take before it can be ratified. What about reciprocity for Concealed Carry License/Permits?

    • The 2nd Amendment tells the national level government to keep out of this. If a national reciprocity bill is passed, it can be revoked later and opens the door for more restrictions. Best to leave this to the States. Though some confusion will be inevitable, it is better than giving Washington D.C. control over this.
      It appears that driver licenses are recognized by other States through mutual agreement rather than by national compulsion. Gun laws should be the same.

      • Exactly so. Once FedGov take a voice in the matter there is no limit to where it could be taken later on. At present shall no be infringed means something at least some places and some times. Better than Uncle Stupid getting feisty and saying, like the troll said, “Mr. and Mrs America, TURN THEM ALL IN!!!”
        Eventually those states with unbearable gun restrictions will bleed population into states that are fine with that Second Article of Ammendment firmly in place and functioning. Crime will drop in some plces, and explode in others. The PEOPLE will eventualkly figure it out. Meanwhile, keep pushing back against the tyranny and boosting the REAL “common sense gun laws”, and by those I mean the laws that are not there.
        I grew up in a time when anyone could walk into ahardware store, plop a few bucks on the counter, and in less time than it now takes at the self-checkout at the local greengrocer walk out with a shiney new S&W revolver, or for the outragious sum of about fifty bucks a MilSurp M1 Garand. Didnt even ask to kow your name. And carrying/possessing either were less difficult and restrictive than walking your dog (who had to be licensed and rabies shot proof) And ya know what? Except for rare instances in “certain parts of town” nobody got shot, raped, robbed, carjacked, houses broken into, the absence of all the antigun laws has not fixed a thing, and never will. EVERY creep who decides to carry of a shoot-em-up is already breaking a big bag of laws. So in WHAT basis do these nitwits believe passing a “you can’t have a gun” or “you gotta get our permission” law will change this equation?

      • Tionico has it right. The Fed Gov doesn’t do ANYTHING without strings attached. If they pass it, they can revoke it later, or add enough conditions and requirements that it ends up worse for us than if they’d just left it alone.

        Drivers’ licenses are recognized in all 50 States by mutual agreement, because nobody wants to be “that State” that everyone avoids because they don’t allow visitors and tourists to use their roads. Visitors buy gas, eat in restaurants, and pay the taxes on all those things; the tourism and tax dollars are an incentive to join the agreement.

        For States that recognize citizens’ rights, they see it the same way: they don’t want to be “that State” and want to encourage people to visit.

        But for States that DON’T want to recognize citizens’ rights, they’re perfectly willing to be “that State” as long as it keeps those icky pro-rights Constitutionalists and their icky guns out. They’ve done the calculations on how many tourism dollars they miss out on, and have decided it’s worth it.

        And unfortunately, there’s not much we can do about that, aside from building “gun culture” into a critical mass whose tourism/tax dollars are enough that we can’t be ignored or written off.

    • A good next step would be reciprocity with the federal government. If we can carry into UPS and FedEx, why can’t we be trusted in the Post Office. Then there are military bases, Social Security offices, etc. And the “Federal Facilities” in national parks.

  5. The one thing leftists failed to conquer in this broken country is the 2nd. And it might just save some of us.

  6. Sadly, it ends any training requirements and the lack of same coupled with the consequences of not following the law as it is actually applied following a shooting vs. what the average citizen thinks will be the case can be a rude and life changing awakening. They don’t know what they don’t know.

    • I am all for training and safety. But I vigourously oppose any government mandates relating to “training”. It always imposes a cost, time, and other burdens on many. And the quaity of trining “out there” is ofen bysmal, even worse than nothing.

      Part of the right to keep and bear MUST remain the right to educate yourself however YOU choose. Gummit do not mandate what kind of gun I can own, can they? Then WHY should they mandate what kind of skills I MUST have to use one? There are many ways to acquire the skills needed to safely own and use firearms. Agreed, there are some bad ones, too.. but consider the now mandated driver’s schol for new drivers/ The “product” those mandated instruction programmes put out is abysmal.. and they’ve done the same thing with commecial vehicle licensing now, too. Ten thousand bucks to become a poorly skilled inexperienced truck driver, mandated. Back when I was learning any licensed driver could train any other driver not licensed in that class of vehicle. I taught others to drive big rigs. It cost nothing, they learned well, passed their road tests (which were meaningful back then) and became good drivers. Today’s big rig drivers are downright dangerous as a class. It is the result of government stepping in and MANDATING. And we all know so well that when government do anything they do it well, quickly, excellently, efficiently, and cheaply, right? RIGHT??!?? Come onnn man…

      • Tionico, you are right on again. And nothing can be more dangerous than a loaded semi-tractor-and-trailer on a highway that is supplied with a minimal distribution of warning signs, than a vehicle on such a roadway with a loaded, inexperienced, and possibly illiterate driver at the wheel. I have experienced several existential near misses lately that too likely directly stemmed from a driver’s chemical impairment, in some cases maybe only from the famously “harmless” Mary Jane herself. Reminds me of the friend I had who said that he drove better after a few beers. “More relaxed,” he said. Yeah, he believed it. If it were true, so what? Get him off the road!.

        This is the first time I have heard of newly mandated, exorbitant fees for becoming a licensed driver. No way is hard-to-access money for driver training going to guarantee good drivers. The inspecting drivers’ evaluators need to test personally for the driver’s ability to instantly read road signs while at the wheel. DOTs need to be better funded and equipped with more and better signs. Trooper and highway patrol numbers should also be significantly increased. I don’t know what will cure the chemical impairment issue if the substances are hard to detect, or to measure for effect.

  7. With great power comes great responsibility. I’m not against constitutional carry, nor am I in love with it either. Carrying a gun has many ramifications and I seriously doubt the majority of people carrying them fully understand all the nuances of using deadly force laws. I believe most are way under educated on all the finer points. Do people really understand that if they pull the trigger, that their life is never going to be the same afterwards?

    • “I believe most are way under educated on all the finer points.”

      While training is good, I don’t agree with the view that it is required to exercise your 2nd Amendment Rights. We don’t require training in Public Speaking before we exercise our freedom of speech. We don’t require a program of comparative religious theology before we exercise our freedom of religion. To hell with the view that training must be required before we exercise our “Right to Keep and Bear Arms”.

      In my view, the real solution is Constitutional Public School Training. Before anyone graduates from high school, they should have taken four years in American Civics. These courses should go into great detail regarding the rights and responsibilities of American Citizens. For the 2nd Amendment portion of the class (6 months at least), it should include the history and application of the 2nd Amendment, legal use-of-force laws in the U.S. (with extra emphasis on the law in the State where the class is taught) plus some limited, hands-on, firearms training with the defensive handgun, rifle, and shotgun. All done with public education funding.

      If the student is a hoplophobe, they should be allowed to omit the hands-on training (if they insist) but the class-room segments on 2A history and use-of-force law should be mandatory without exception.

      The whole reason that the U.S. is in the mess, that it is in today, is because our failing education (correction: left-wing indoctrination) system does not teach young people what it means to be an American anymore. Our kids are being taught to be leftists rather than to be Americans with the result that this nation is spinning down the toilet.

      Re-basing our education system on American Civics would solve a world of problems.

      The only problem with my solution (above) is that the leftist regime, currently in power, would burn America to the ground before they saw American Civics taught in the classroom again. Therefore, we can never MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN while the leftist/globalist criminals continue to pull the strings of our government and continue (via the US Department of Dis-Education) to corrupt our institutions of learning.

  8. A co-worker was trying to defend his wife from some thugs at a gas station this past week. He was stabbed seven times as he tried to flee from them. Luckily he survived. It was a stark reminder of why we carry. You never know the time or place when your life will depend on it.

    Unfortunately here in the communist dictatorship of Illinois the thugs are protected from lawful citizens from protecting themselves. We need a background check to get a background check to be able to do the background check to get a weapon from a very short list of weapons that are lawful for us to own. That is not a joke….three background checks are necessary to buy a gun.

    I feel so very safe in this hunting preserve.

  9. I’m happy to hear that they have joined us!
    Even so, I just renewed my permit again. Having one still has many advantages, so I prefer to keep mine active.

  10. Can you name one other inalienable right that you lose when you leave your property or your state? Do you lose your right to free speech when you cross into a neighboring state? How about your right against unlawful search and seizure?

    Inalienable rights should be universally available and protected everywhere in this country.

    • I agree, and thus far SCOTUS agrees. But the legislatures and governors in Leftist States disagree, so they’re inventing increasingly creative — or in the case of Hawaii, increasingly brazen — ways to defy SCOTUS and the plain text of the Constitution to deny citizens’ rights. They read the opinions, ignore the decision, and find something in the dicta (or something in the dissenting opinion) that they can take out of context to support their infringements.

      For example: the “in common use” test they quote Heller for has nothing to do with the actual decision in Heller, which affirmed that: a. the 2nd Amendment is an individual right unconnected to militia service, and b. a city or State cannot ban a whole category of firearms by saying that other types are available and allowed. (At issue was the D.C. categorical ban on ALL handguns, and the “individual right vs. collective right” issue came up.) It’s in the dicta — the explanation of the decision.

      And they even misquote the “in common use” test to remove important context: Heller‘s dicta says they cannot ban arms that are “in common use for lawful purposes“, but read the modern gun-ban arguments and they say they can categorically ban semi-auto rifles because they’re not “in common use for self-defense” [emphasis mine on both]. Anyone with a modicum of sense can tell you, “lawful purposes” encompasses more than just “self-defense”, but they have to remove that context because otherwise their argument falls apart.

      I’m always reminded of an exchange from the movie, Liar, Liar:
      Fletcher Reede: Your honor, I object!
      Judge Marshall Stevens: And why is that, Mr. Reede?
      Fletcher Reede: Because it’s devastating to my case!

      They only way they can support their arguments is with lies, deception, and emotion. A quote out of context is a lie by omission, so expect to see it a lot; it’s all they have.

      • And when the states infringe our rights, the Republicans often take no action. But, let a Republican APPEAR to commit an infraction, and the Democrats and media jump all over him. Burns me up.

      • @Roger: Too right. It never ceases to amaze me that the GOP — particularly at the State level, but nationally, too — has not yet figured out that the Democrats are not their friends. The Dems certainly don’t see the Republicans as friends or allies, but as opponents to be defeated and destroyed. “Reach across the aisle” is something Republicans do; Dems are more likely to stonewall (as the minority) or steamroll (as the majority).

        If a piece of legislation includes the word “bipartisan”, it is almost certainly Democrat-led with at least one Republican they convinced to sign on. The Dems don’t sign on to anything Republican-led because that would legitimize the GOP’s opinion, and that’s just not something one does for an enemy.

        Too many Republicans play the “go along to get along” game, trusting the Democrats to reciprocate. That trust has been violated enough that those of us playing at home can’t believe they keep doing it.

        We cynically call them the “Stupid Party” for a reason.

        (Of course, the above assumes the GOP is our friend, and not actively involved in infringing our rights alongside — and under cover of — the Dems. Which is far from unheard-of.)

  11. “…a well regulated militia…” regulated at the time meant TRAINED. yes, training is imperative. should it be “required?” i say yes and if i recall, Mas says no. a few here agree, training is part of the responsibility of every law abiding defender. there’s the conundrum…

    • Larry McClain,

      We all definitely believe every gun owner needs training. But, they should seek that training voluntarily. We cannot trust the government to set rules as to the standards of training. They might arbitrarily deny rights, because they don’t want some people to carry guns. In the 1800s, that’s what they did to blacks.

      Our government is the best, or one of the best, governments in the world, yet, it still cannot be trusted. Human beings are scoundrels. The Founding Fathers knew this.

      • @ Roger Willco – “Our government is the best, or one of the best, governments in the world, yet, it still cannot be trusted.”

        No offense but you statement is logically unsound. It is an oxymoron. A government that “is the best” is a government that can be trusted to protect and serve the people. Once a government deteriorates to the point where it “cannot be trusted” then, on its face, it is no longer the best.

        I can tell that you are an optimistic person from you comments. You try to see the good in things. You try to see the glass as half full but, frankly, wearing rose-colored glasses in Today’s World is dangerous. It is long since time for the American people to wake up and face the truth of the dangers that we are facing. We can’t afford to just “think happy thoughts” and dream that we are still living in the “Good Ole Days” when the American Government responded to the concerns of the American People and acted, mostly, as responsible servants. It has been half a century, at least, since that was true.

        I don’t mean to be harsh or disrespectful here. I well understand the desire to live in a fantasy land of one’s own creation. Unfortunately, we have too much fantasy in the U.S.A. right now. That is one of our problems.

        The leftists live in a left-wing fantasy bubble of their own creation. A World of systemic racism, social justice, micro-aggressions, and climate change. It is a fantasy World totally divorced from reality but one in which they really, really, really want to believe.

        For our part, we cannot also divorce ourselves from reality and go on believing in a safe, comfortable fantasy World modeled upon the U.S.A of the 1950’s.

        Disassociation from reality is a mark of insanity. The American Left has sunk into insanity already. We cannot afford to join them there.

        It is a demonstrably false statement that “our government is the best…”. Our government constantly:

        1) Lies to us and feeds us propaganda.
        2) Cheats and robs us to enrich the elites.
        3) Attacks and undercuts our Constitutional Rights.
        4) Spies upon us and invades our privacy.
        5) Indoctrinates our children under the guise of education.
        6) Cheats and fixes elections to keep itself in power.

        I marvel that you could speak such words without your tongue being burnt with fire. How did you type those words with your keyboard without your hands being withered?

        Our government is being run by criminals and traitors. It is a hell of a long ways from being “the best”. It seems, to me, to be trying to be among the worst in history although one can find communist and fascist historical governments that we have, not yet, surpassed.

        Once again, I don’t mean to be harsh here. Optimism is good in its place. However, for right now, we need less optimism and more reality. We need to be the awake frog that jumps out of the pot. Not the comfortable, dreamy frog that sits still and lets itself be boiled to death.

      • TN_MAN,

        Our government has certainly devolved. But, are people fleeing the USA to get away from our government? Look at all the people coming into this country. The news is bad, but the people around me are still living good lives. Which country has a better government than ours? All the shirts in the laundry bag are dirty, but our shirt is less dirty than the others.

      • Quote of the Day:

        “History…is, indeed, little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind.” – Edward Gibbon, Author of the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire

        Edward Gibbon is correct. The history of the World shows that mankind, generally, has lived in servitude and slavery under the rule of corrupt tyrants. The United States attempted to establish something better than this unhappy common lot. We attempted to establish a Republic whereby the People would rule and live without the heavy hand of tyranny upon their shoulders.

        You are correct. “All the shirts in the laundry bag are dirty.” That has been the common lot of mankind for all of recorded history. For most of the World, it is still the common lot.

        For a while, America had a mostly clean shirt. It was never spotless but, compared to historical examples, it was reasonably clean. The trend that we would like to see is for the shirt to get cleaned a bit more every day with the goal of becoming truly spotless in time. The trend that we are actually seeing is our shirt getting dirtier every day. Increasingly, it is becoming filthy with the dirt of corruption and stained with the blood of the people. At this rate, our shirt will be as filthy as all the rest soon. That is what the leftist/globalist want, of course. They want the U.S. to be like the rest. Filth breeds chaos. Chaos breeds opportunity for them to rule and live as exploiters.

        Equality, to a leftist, is to drag everyone down to the lowest common denominator.

        People are flooding into the U.S. because (1) the Biden regime is paying them benefits to come and, as you note, (2) it is still worse elsewhere. As our shirt continues to soil, that will change. How long before people are fleeing the U.S.? People are already fleeing from the Blue States into the Red. One function, of this importation of people from the third World, is to keep up the population in the Blue States. Population means power. It means more votes for the Left.

        Things may still be livable in the U.S. for the present. However, the mismanagement of the Left means that this condition cannot be sustained. Our children and grandchildren will live the diminished life of the common lot of mankind. Not the Free Life of a true American.

        Our form of Government was, at one time, the best. That is no longer true.

        Rome had Edward Gibbon to write the story of its decline and fall. Who will author the story of the decline and fall of the United States of America?

      • TN_MAN: What I believe Roger is trying to say is a variation of the old saw, “The American form of government is the worst ever devised … except for all the others.” Saying the government is the “best” just compares it relative to other governments, not objective ideological perfection.

        IOW, America can have the best form of government without having a perfect government.

        I don’t know of any form of government currently on Earth — other than maybe some small tribes on third-world islands — that can be fully trusted to govern justly and protect its citizens’/subjects’/people’s rights. At best, like the American government ostensibly under the Constitution, some have codified citizens’ rights into law. At worst, the citizens have zero protections.

        That said, you make some solid points: America’s government has devolved and steered away from the founding documents that created and and empowered it. It no longer follows the rules that were placed upon it; some States seem to gleefully ignore such “antiquated” notions as “limited government” and “consent of the governed”.

        But unlike other governments around the world, our Federal and State governments must break their own rules to infringe on our rights and well-being. Most other governments have no such rules and can infringe whenever and on whatever they like.

        Ben Franklin, when asked what form of government we would have, famously said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” As a people, we have not done a great job keeping it and it’s certainly not what it once was, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not still the best.

      • @ Archer – “America can have the best form of government without having a perfect government.”

        I understand the optimistic viewpoint that both you and Roger are expressing. My point, however, is that it is an obsolete viewpoint. It is an old “Feel Good” thing which we traditional Americans keep telling ourselves so that we can continue to rest and stay asleep.

        When all is said and done, the Constitution of the United States of America is just a piece of paper. It has no more meaning than the roll of toilet paper that you currently have in your bathroom. Indeed, without meaning, the roll of toilet paper is the more valuable since it still serves a useful purpose.

        If the American People continue to sit on their hands and allow the Left/Globalists to degrade, cherry-pick, and ignore (when inconvenient) the Constitution, then the Constitution sinks below the toilet paper. When class-room students are taught Marx rather than American Civics and the Constitution, then (again) the Constitution becomes meaningless.

        Is our Government still based upon the Constitution? I think that I could find some January 6th Political Prisoners who would say, given their experience, it is not. How did their 1st Amendment Right, to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, work out for them?

        America with her Constitution degraded into meaningless paper is an America which has lost her exceptional character. It becomes an America which is no different than your garden-variety banana republic. We then become what the Left desires. A nation pulled down to join the rest of the World in the gutter.

        This danger is why I tend to object (strongly) when people just “think happy thoughts” and pat themselves on the back with the reassuring idea that “at least our Constitution system is still “THE BEST”. I am afraid that I have become cynical enough (or realistic enough) to not believe in this dream anymore.

        Others can still choose to believe in the DREAM. It is just my view, as I outlined above, that we have too much dreaming going on in America today. YMMV – sleep tight.

    • Esteemed Larry, you may well be right about “regulated” then meaning “trained.” I also take it to mean that a militia (We, the People) will be expected to be well armed, with competitive weapons and ammunition powerful and accurate enough to perform competent shooting training, essential to maintaining tactical expertise.

      • THANK YOU You have very well explained some of the other aspects of the term “well regulated”.

        It means fully equipped, skilled, nd capable of taking care of what needs to be done. I’ve studied the time of our forbears’ struggle to throw off the harsh yoke of Britain which had deteriorated into tyranny. I have read much of how the militia were composed and what they did to gain the skills they would need to do that for which they were formed. I am particularly familiar with that day on which the fire of revolution was finally lit. The actions and deeds and skill with which these men (and many women as well) acquitted themselves is remarkable. And yet it was no more than that for which they had been meeting, training, drilling, practicing, refining, over decades. The Brits were trained to never engage a target at a range of more than maybe 75 yards. It also took them nearly two full minutes to reload their long guns and be ready for the next round to be fired.
        Our guys were skilled at two hundred yards, Captain Daniel Morgan’s men could hit a shingle (about 9 x 12 inches) dead centre at two hundred fifty yards, and reload and fire another follow up round in well under a minute. General Gage lost a good many of his man on the Battle Road between Concord and Lexington due to carefully aimed fire at ranges Gage’s men would never attempt, to hit the “scrambled eggs” the officers had across their chests , at ranges of two hundred yards, then drop and reload to fire at the officer now visible behind the fallen one from the first round.

        THAT is how a “well regulated militia” performs. Add to that field tactics, judging the intent of your opponent so as to predict his movements and thwart them. how to use errain to good advantage. it takes a well regulated fighting force to prevail against a determined enemy. Our guys had it. Because they WANTED it and paid the price in time, sweat, treasure to GET it.

  12. I beg to differ. While we are getting more permitless carry, we are also getting more gun-free zones and assorted bans on weapons, ammo and accessories. What we really have is a bifurcation, depending on which faction controls local politics.


    Sadly, one lawyer put out a video about how he believes there will only be 30 Constitutional Carry states, once North Carolina passes it. He doesn’t think the other 20 will do it. Still, we have made progress, and that is cause for celebration.

  14. I think a lot of interesting points are brought up in all of the above comments, but I have to be a little bit contrarian about one thing:

    I do not think we are “absolutely winning,” on this or any other front regarding the 2A. We are gaining ground, yes- but it is a struggle every step of the way. For example: Kevin Stitt authorized Constitutional Carry in my state, but the previous governor, REPUBLICAN Mary Fallin, refused to sign off on CC when it came to her desk.

    “I don’t think a small fee and education course is unreasonable for a person to have to take before they can exercise that right,” or words to that effect, was her justification for disapproving it.

    Ignorance like that, and people being allowed to disrupt/delay/deny our rights BECAUSE of that ignorance about our fundamental rights, is going to take a long time to overcome and put us into “absolutely winning” territory.

  15. We’re under attack here in once red Colorado. The so called “Assault Weapons Ban” being voted on in the state capital will ban sale and transfer of all magazine pistols and rifles. There is also a bill banning concealed carry in almost all locations, a bill requiring gun owners to buy liability insurance, and a “sin tax” on ammo. We need prayer and help in Colorado!

  16. I’m not certain that many recent gun buyers should be assumed to be the kind of patriot who makes it his/her business to understand the 2nd amendment nor much of the constitution and the protections it provides from a tyrannical government. Note how the 1st amendment has been brutalized especially since COVID to hide the opposing views to government propaganda and opinions. I believe these newcomers to firearms are just witnessing violent crime spiraling out of control and want personal and family protection. If tomorrow the government decided to institute martial law in the name of crime and stop elections and all the other freedom crushing elements of martial law I find it doubtful that these new gun buyers would stand up and demand their freedoms back. Let’s face it, the Marxist have the drop on us. They have for many years infiltrated the education sector, news, entertainment and more, they have reprogramed the general public, all that was good is now bad. We the people who respect and understand the constitution better just want to live and let live, be left alone while these Marxist have been persistently undermining and destroying the United States. Life is busy and those who don’t make an effort to dig for the truth and are constantly hammered by the Marxist controlled media hear only negativity about firearms, patriotism, morality and respect, what can we expect from them? We have not done a good job of countering evil. Perhaps instead of pushing the 2nd amendment in the faces of those who don’t get it we need to respectfully educate them on what we are quickly loosing and the deception and evils of Marxism.

  17. And here in Hawaii, the state Supreme (?) Court says the state constitution doesn’t give any right to “carry” a firearm, only to own. This is legislation by the demorat controlled state, from the bench. It took 12 years for the state to follow the last “judgement” to allow. This one will take even longer.

    • J pritchett,

      I use the argument that the Second Amendment is a federal law. Federal law is higher than state law. When two laws are opposed to each other, we are supposed to follow the law from the higher authority. The SA says we get to “bear” arms. That means we get to carry them.

      I believe this argument is sound, but it won’t work in New Jersey either.

  18. Kurt Schlichter is one person who is awake and aware of the benefits of Constitutional Carry.

    I would like to an optimist and not believe in the dire predictions of Mr. Schlichter’s latest opinion article. However, the realistic view is that Mr. Schlichter could well be correct. The incompetence of our leftist Government means that we could well be the next Israel. We could be the next Moscow. With our borders wide open, it could be far worse than either.

    Anyway, if you can stomach a dose of reality and want to come down out of the “Ivory Tower” for a little while, then I can recommend you read Mr. Schlichter’s latest opinion piece. Here is the link to it:


  19. The government is not incompetent at all. They are power hungry, stop at nothing, greedy evil criminals who wipe their feet with the constitution. Make no mistake, they are executing a plan and very proficient at it.

    • @ Sam – “The government is not incompetent at all.”

      You are certainly correct. I was much too charitable when I referred to our Leftist Government as “incompetent”.

      The optimistic view is that most of their mistakes and bad policies spring from simple incompetence. If the pattern was just an occasional mistake or bad policy, then we could afford to take this optimistic view.

      However, when they show a consistent pattern of mistakes and bad policies, that extend for year after year after year, and when they consistently lie and cover-up their actions, then we are forced to conclude that NO GOVERNMENT can be this incompetent. Just by the law of averages, a well-meaning government should enact something good and decent from time to time.

      No, the consistency of their negative actions makes it clear that it is not simple incompetence that is at work. Such damage CAN ONLY be attributed to an EVIL desire to HURT the American People and to an overwhelming desire to deliberately drag America down into the gutter.

      Their policy is not to Make America Great Again. They react with anger and hatred at the mere mention of that slogan. No, their policy is to Make America Small Again. To bring us DOWN into the slavery and servitude that has always been (historically) the common lot of mankind.

      My apologies. I expressed myself badly and incorrectly when I applied the term “incompetent” to the current regime in Washington, D.C. You are correct when you identify them as PURE EVIL and utterly Machiavellian in every action that they take.

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