1. As legal guns owners we are continuing to be pushed back into a corner. I’m not advocating violence, but it seems we are being pushed towards a repeat of 4/19/1775. I truly believe the government does not fear the people, and the people fear the government

    • They listen to who has the most money and who is the loudest. There are enough firearms owners that it should even be a question of a fair fight on the financial and vocal fronts yet here we are being beaten down because everyone expects someone else to do it for them. Well you and me? We are that someone, do something get involved, fight like your life depends on it because, frankly it does…

      • Yes, and although this event did not involve the scary black rifle, it is only a matter of time before some dimocrat latches on to the evil, laser equipped high-capacity pistol! NO ONE NEEDS THAAAAAAT type of weapon.

  2. Thank you for attending the Florida Carry event, Mas. I’ve been reading your books and articles for decades and it was a real pleasure to hear you speak. Your passion for the human right of self-defense, comes across even better when you speak. Even at my advanced age, I did learn a few things from you, and from the other speakers.

  3. You are preaching to the choir. You and I know that restricting the access to firearms to law abiding citizens does not reduce violent crime. It just makes for larger body count.
    The whole rationale to the lefts’ gun grab is to enhance governmental power.

  4. Just like the cockroaches when the light in the dark room is turned on again go scurrying into the shadows and jidey holes, so the light of truth scatters and routs the lies the disarmament crowd broadcast about. I read stuff in papers and articles, and transcripts of tesimony before government committees, and all bug gag at the wilful lies and treachery. But HOW to get in there and flip the switch? Seems most of the “sources” for the anti crowd are pretty well secured agaisnt anything resembing truth can manage to sneak in. What will it take?

    Mas I’m glad people like you can get to those conferences and activities. But HOW to take those same panels up in front of those guzzling the KoolAde of disarmement/gunsareevil and supplant their lies where it matters?

  5. Any recommendations on the best source to find events like this in other states and other parts of the country?

  6. This is off topic, please forgive me. Where can I find your opinion on your favorite 9mm round for subcompact autoloaders?

    • I load my subcompacts with 124 grain +P Speer Gold Dot. If you find that a bit snappy, Federal has two standard pressure loads I can recommend: the HST 147 grain subsonic, and their old reliable 9BP 115 grain, both jacketed hollow points.

  7. Massad, I heard Suzanna Gratia-Hupp speak at John Cushman’s Annual Right To Carry Conference on Long Island many years ago. In 1991 George Hennard murdered 23 people (including her parents) and wounded 27 others after crashing his pickup truck into Luby’s Cafeteria. Because it was illegal to carry concealed in Texas at that time, Ms. Gratia-Hupp was rendered defenseless. She said that she didn’t blame Hennard, that he was just a rabid dog that could have been put down but for the law disarming Texas citizens. She righteously blamed and held accountable the Texas State Legislators for opposing concealed carry. Four years later Suzanna Gratia-Hupp’s testimony inspired the Texas Legislature to pass the right to carry concealed. Gun Free Zones are the most dangerous areas in the United States today.

  8. Liberals feel, Conservatives think. Thinking is harder and it requires research and reflection.

  9. Mas I can’t thank you enough for attending and working so closely with me to pull this off. It was a pleasure meeting you’re beautiful wife.

  10. Mas, thank you so much for agreeing to speak at our event. It was an incredible honor to have the opportunity to follow you. As I expected, your comments were right on point and very energizing. Thanks again for all that you do for the 2A civil rights.

  11. Self defense is a “God” given right!!! NO doubt about it!
    This right extends ALL through nature!!! Every animal in nature has that right! If you corner any animal it has the God given natural right to fight for it’s life……you can’t get anymore basic than that!
    We as a higher species (I know that’s debatable) have the ability to “level” the playing field.
    I’m not young, I’m a spunky Grandma who can’t fight a young Man…..I need a gun to level the playing field!

    • Mary Beth Robinette,

      When I was twenty I could fight a young man. But could I fight two of them? Probably not. Could I fight three or more? Forget about it.

      Good people need guns, and even a gun won’t help us if we are ambushed from behind.

  12. When I was over-the-road I actually had expedited runs for that plant. Sadly, anything in and around Chicago is deteriorating and so unsafe many of my brothers and sisters will not take loads there. By the way, where is the OUTRAGE of this black man-felon-illegally wielding weapons and taking the lives of defenseless white and brown people? Oh yeah, that’s not news. You saw the short news cycle. Film at 11:00, then filed away.

  13. Mas, I spent a week with you at LTMP from LFI in Vancouver, WA.

    Wonderful class that carried me safely (mostly) through all these years.

    Yes, we shot a lot. Yes, we searched a damn hotel. And yet the most valuable skill was simply learning to talk and de-escelate.

    Hope to see you at an event soon. My LFI shirt is long worn out.

  14. My goodness Florida Carry Still exists. Checked their website recently and it looks like a historic document where the most recent activity looks like 2017.

    The Unified Sportsman of Florida seems to consist oof Marion Hammer a.nd no others I can identify. They don’t even have a website.

    Both have had a major impact on shaping our gun laws, but it seems Florida needs a wider base from which to organize our activist efforts, otherwise we will have nothing.

    • Try looking up Florida Carry on Facebook. I assure you we are a very active organization and our board and membership work tirelessly on behalf of gun owners.