1. Nancy Pepsi as speaker of the house…
    God Forbid!! I can’t even imagine the shit she’s gonna stir. So much for Trump getting anything through Congress in the next 2 years. I’ve got 2 words on that subject. “Won’t Happen”.

    • The upside is still the Republicans increased ability to fill the federal courts with people who don’t believe that ‘shall not be infringed’ obviously means ‘may be made a felony.’ That is no small thing.

      They won’t return us to a truly constitutionally authorized and limited government, but they can do a lot to improve things.

  2. Mas I guess you have not read that draconian antigun and safety law inWashington. We are NOT talking about JUST Modern Sporting Rifles. I’ve read the new definition of “semi automatic assault rifles’, and my Ruger 10/.22 is now one of that class of weapons. Huudda thunkit?

    The new definition simplybdescribes the action of a smi automatic, and says any and all of those are “semi automatic assault rifles” and now fall under THT category with all its requirements….. 10 day wait, extra paperwork, stronger backgorund check, new higher age restrictioins……

    That bill is seriously flawed and must be challenged. I beleive three assaults need to be mounted, each on separate distinct legal grounds. It is contra our State Constitution on at least three levels.

  3. The Washington law will likely push a few more gun owners out and into other states, increasing our national geographic polarization. My wife and I are planning to leave the People’s Republic of Paradise, aka Hawaii, in part because of the Democrats’ gun laws here, and in major part because the gun laws are only one small symptom of the total control freak mindset in Hawaii. If the Progressives would submit to the Constitution, we could all get along, but if they did submit to the Consstitution, they wouldn’t be Progs. Woodrow Wilson made that clear a hundred years ago.

    So, instead of pounding our heads agains a brick wall, we pick up and leave. Some places are simply beyond hope of peaceful change, and any other change does not even begin to be worth the cost. Better to just move some place better. Good riddance to Paradise.

  4. The Senate could still pass the Reciprocity act during the lame duck session since theres nothing to lose. I won’t hold my breath, though.

  5. Unfortunately we here in Florida will be subject to the same type of laws when Soros and Bloomberg start getting the laws on the ballots with ballot initiatives. The left will push those through here in Florida and the other States that have ballot initiatives. Washington State was the testing ground. I wish I knew how to fight them.

  6. Rebups had control for 2 yrs and did next to nothing thanks to the progressivs repub leadership. We need to dump the leaders o r start a nrw party. I wish Trump would run as a candidate for a new party in 2020.

  7. This AM another mass shooting with a handgun in CA, toughest gun laws in U.S. Antigunners will just say they need to be tougher. Pelosi gets more ammo, so to speak.

    • Teamwork is required to stop murderers in their tracks. Solo security is too vulnerable to murderers’ initiative. Every kind of security agent needs at least one appropriately furnished, clandestine partner “tail-gunner,” and want-to-be assassins need to be made aware in advance that they will quickly be ambushed themselves. The plan should be “fight, fight, fight” instead of “run, fight, hide.”

      • With regard to using run, hide, fight tactics to respond to the unexpected presence of an armed mass murderer in full attack mode:

        Sheriff Geoff Dean of Ventura County CA stated yesterday in a live press conference (YouTube link below) that there were six off duty LEOs present among the guests at the scene of the most recent country dance nightclub mass murder in Thousand Oaks CA when the incident went down.

        A reporter asked the Sheriff if any of the six off duty officers present at the scene engaged the suspect. The Sheriff answered, “None of them were armed.” (Direct quote, watch video.) Gulp. Make that a double gulp.

        My question: Why, in a devolving, divided, unstable society in which aggrieved madmen are taking up weaponry on an ever more frequent basis to harm innocent people, do professional LEOs ever feel comfortable and correct being unarmed? The very same question should be posed to citizens who possess CCW licenses or permits.

      • The most horrible fact is that there were six police officers inside that club, and all of them were unarmed.

        I wonder how the police chief and those officers are sleeping these days, knowing that they found themselves in a poopstorm with no tools to fight back?

        Curious how off-duty officers deal with alcohol? Do they only drink in private places, and drink soft drinks when they are in public?

  8. One of the most disappointing things, about the Washington State anti-gun measure, was the passing percentage. It was about 60% to 40% in favor.

    I can only conclude that the Leftists have really ‘done a job’ with their propaganda in the State of Washington. A major portion of the population has clearly been ‘brainwashed’ into believing the anti-gunner’s Utopian Dream.

    I am always amazed at how gullible the public can be. Firearm Prohibition never works. Just today, there was another mass-murder in the People’s Republic of California. California has just about every draconian anti-gun measure, under the sun, on it’s books. As this new incident shows, none of them make the least bit of difference. Yet, the legacy media never admits that gun control is a failure no matter how many times it fails. Instead, they will use this new mass-murder to call for yet more punitive measures against legal gun-owners. To quote from the Good Book: “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so doth a fool returneth to his folly”.

    The Washington voters have willingly embraced their own disarmament which means that they have willingly embraced their own oppression under a set of future Leftist tyrants. To repeat what I said in an earlier comment, they are ‘placidly walking, like cattle to the slaughter pen, to embrace their own oppression’.

    Their only hope, at this point, is that the Constitution will step in to save them from their own folly. This measure needs to be challenged all the way up to the Supreme Court. With Justice Kavenaugh now on the court, it is to be hoped that the SCOTUS will step up to the plate and strike down this law as an unconstitutional infringement on the 2nd Amendment.

    Unfortunately, such a challenge will take years to work its way up to the SCOTUS. In the meantime, the people of Washington State have ‘made their bed’. They will have to sleep in it. 🙁

    • TN_MAN,

      About California’s draconian gun laws; John Farnam, in a blog entitled, “Unarmed” Police?, states that Sheriff Geoff Dean of Ventura County, CA said during a press conference, the following. There were six off-duty police officers in the crowd at the country line-dancing place in Thousand Oaks during the shooting. Not one of them was armed.

  9. Unfortunately Mr. Reed is correct about the President not being able to get anything passed in the next two years. All citizens that are concerned with the welfare of our great country had better get themselves to the voting booths in 2020. However the progressive socialists may try impeachment before then. I would not be surprised at anything they try to do. May God help us.

  10. Besides the increased threat to our gun rights by the radical freedom hating liberals who will soon take control of the House of Representatives, we have many other problems which the Democrats will make much worse and certain Republicans will help them with their evil agenda.

    Since the House controls the purse strings of the government, we can say ‘Goodbye’ to the much needed wall along the southern border to help keep out the invading hordes from third world countries who want to come to the USA for lots of Free Stuff and to bolster the ever increasing ranks of Democratic voters. Yeah, we know they’re not allowed to vote in US elections, but everyone other than complete idiots knows that’s not true. Liberals claim that not allowing non-citizens to vote in American elections is racist and done only to oppress black and brown people. If the majority of invaders express their desire to vote Republican, the Democrats will be screaming their heads off for a 100 foot tall, electrified wall behind mine fields, manned 24/7 by Marine snipers to be built on the southern AND northern borders.

    Unfortunately, liberal propaganda master Michael Moore was right when he said Americans are the most stupid people in the world. His statement was proven correct by Americans giving Obama not one, but two terms to screw up our country, almost putting HillBilly in the White House, letting Hillary skate on numerous serious crimes, and now giving control of the House to Democrats – after seeing how much the USA has benefited greatly from nearly two years of the Trump administration.

    Liberals have done an excellent job brainwashing impressionable young Americans in the media and schools, and we are now destroying ourselves from within while the rest of the world laughs are our stupidity. Liberals are a cancer in our society and if the victim wants to live, it has to be eliminated. Unfortunately, that’s currently illegal, so we are doomed – unless Elvis returns and brings salvation.

    • Tom606,

      I think you and Michael Moore are right about American citizens. They seem to be ignorant when it comes to politics, history and economics. They know how to operate complex machinery, and computers. They learn about and adopt every new thing except the metric system. Some Americans are really smart and know how to go to the moon and back. American’s blind spot is politics, so they listen to people who say they will give them things and make life beautiful. It’s a tempting illusion.

      Maybe it’s time for people on our side to peacefully separate ourselves from “THEM.” I have nothing in common with “THEM.” I bite my tongue, keep bumper stickers off my car, and leave my camo in the closet so as not to provoke hostility from “THEM.” I don’t want to be the next Gavrilo Princip, the one who lights the spark which touches off the next conflict. Right now we are in a cold civil war, just waiting for a John Brown or Gavrilo Princip to strike that spark. In fact, Antifa is trying to find Gavrilo Princip and push his buttons! They want us to strike the first blow so they can claim to be on the defensive.

  11. Glad to see in the news that Jeff’s Session as AG has finally come to an end. I would really like to see soon-to-be-former Florida AG Pam Bondi become the new US Attorney General. She would at least work to earn her paycheck and is just slightly more attractive than Sessions 🙂

  12. Currently, we have stuff going on in ballot counting effecting two US senate seats. It screams funny business! Expect a wild ride!