1. “Good to remember there was a time when none of us were gray, and we only had one chin apiece.”
    That made me laugh as I can very well identify with both the hair and chin(s)!! although in my case it is not only the color gray but the lack of a lot of the hair on my head
    Thanks for the trip back in time, Mas!
    About to board up the house between Wilmington and Camp Lejeune since it looks like Florence is making aim directly at us. What is it with hurricanes that begin with “F” and the NC coast? Fran had horrible winds, Floyd had flooding rains, and now Florence may end up with both!

  2. I remember the Second Chance articles fondly Mas, as you know. Still only have one chin tho, hair all there too!

  3. Ha ha ha. After scrutinizing the photo, I see a huge camera assembly on a strap around Mas’ neck. Back then, was this a proto-type of GO-PRO? Curious, do you still have the pics from the
    ‘old days’ taken from that camera at that shoot? Would love to see them.

    Stay safe all.

    • If I do, they’re in storage. Got some this year from a friend at the shoot. Oughta dig ’em up and post ’em. Thanks for the idea.

  4. 1980 was the first year I made it to the Second Chance Shoot, then 81, 82 and either 1987 or 88. I only won one gun, a Mag-Na-Port customized Charter Arms Bulldog in 1982 but had lots of fun all four times I attended. I will try to make it up there again sometime, but life tends to throw me a bunch of curve balls when I least expect them.

  5. In 2003 I subscribed to “Soldier of Fortune” magazine. The TV news was only telling us how many coalition members had been killed each day during The War on Terror in Iraq. I wanted to know more, and SOF delivered.

    Also, they once printed an article by a man who claimed we lost the Vietnam War because we failed to cut off the enemy’s supplies. That article was a light bulb moment for me. When an army fails to cut off its enemy’s supplies, the war can drag on and on.

    Southerners hate General Sherman, with good reason, but his strategy shortened the war. I wish we could cut off the terrorists’ supplies.

  6. This is off-topic, but it is still a “blast from the Past”.

    Back on July 11th, in this very Blog (entitled NRA Nails Anti-gun Lie), I wrote the following blog post in response to fellow commentator Roger Wilco:

    “You are correct. Our current crop of leftists have not “Progressed” to out-and-out assassination of their political opponents yet. Although one gets the impression that they are sliding in that direction since the very sight of a Conservative, eating a meal in a restaurant, is offensive to them and worthy of mob harassment.

    No, at the moment, their favorite tactic is ‘Character Assassination’ rather than actual ‘Physical Assassination’. I anticipate that, any day now, they will trot out some woman who will claim to have been sexually harassed by Justice Brett Kavanaugh (27 years ago) and who will then proceed to paint Justice Kavanaugh as a rapist and, for good measure, a racist too!

    After all, all straight white men are rapists and racists in their book. Justice Kavanaugh is white, isn’t he? He is a straight man, isn’t he?

    Well, there you go. In their mainstream media reports, the Judge will be found ‘Guilty, as Charged’.

    Probably, the Leftists will wait until Justice Kavanaugh is appearing in his hearings before the Senate before unleashing the accusations and media firestorm. That is when it will have maximum impact. Just like they did with Justice Thomas.”

    Now, see the following link:

    No, my friends, I cannot foretell the future! 🙂

    It does not take a crystal ball to predict what the Leftists will do. Not once you understand their bankrupt ideology and how they think!