1. Why not — it’s your blog , you can write anything you want..
    Thanks for the “heads up ” on the $ 10 savings .

  2. Mas, what would be appreciated would be an updated Gravest Extreme. I still have my nickle Combat Commander (bought before I read it) but has the legal groundwork changed?

  3. The main thing I don’t like about Sig Sauers is the high bore axis. To some extent that is inevitable with a hammer fired pistol. They just came out with their first striker fired model; reports say it runs great. But this one, too, has a high bore axis. Was that so they could quickly get it out the door while using the same polymer frame they were already producing for their hammer fired model?

    Glock showed that with a striker fired pistol you can bring the grip almost all the way up to the slide, so why would anyone building a striker fired pistol NOT do that? (It seems to me that even Kahr could have raised their backstrap higher to the slide.)

  4. I received the 2 Edition as a gift. It’s a great read and reference. SIG and Mass are both class operations.