My old friend Tom Gresham is one of America’s strongest voices for gun owners’ civil rights. He recently invited me back to his Gun Talk Radio show, to begin the new year with a discussion on where we’ve been and where we’re going in that arena. If you have 18 or so minutes to spare, you can listen here:

Or watch video here.


  1. Two of my favorite resources for gun info, operations, tactics (on the ground and in court), and 2nd Amendment positions.
    I hope this is an indication of what a great year 2023 will be.

  2. Mas I roared out loud laughing at the mental pictures you painted of your Daughter when she “instructed” that pervert boy at school, then even more as you told of your early days working in your Dad’s jewelry store, armed, and the steps you took to learn about this whole world of “life with guns”. Hilarious. Oh almost forgot about going into the Law Library to learn the ins and outs of lawful use of arms. Yu truly did get your foundation very early on.

  3. Regarding the satisfying correction of the schoolyard bully in-the-moment above brings to my mind the positive lessons that I learned in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts back in the day. Something that I hope is still being done these days is promoting firearms skills as well as moral behavior in the Scouting movements, both male and female. If not, a return to the positivity of bygone days would not exactly be all bad. My first Scoutmaster was a former Army soldier who started all his Scouts off on the right foot in shooting! it also occurred to me this morning to inquire why the Scouting founder, British Lt. Gen. Robert Baden-Powell, had introduced the left-hand handshake to Scouting. Apparently he got the custom from the Ashanti people, who used it as a special gesture of friendliness, as they would need to drop their warrior’s shields to shake hands. Just in passing, it might do to recall that Muslims traditionally do not shake with the right hand. One of those cultural factors that need to be recognized as important.

  4. Excuse me, my own bad proof-read, the fact supposedly is that Muslims traditionally DO NOT shake with the left hand, but with the right hand. I do not furthermore know how iron-clad the rules are regarding the handshake customs.

    • Strategic Steve,

      You are correct. Muslims do not shake hands with the left hand, or even wave with it. I’m not sure of the reason. Also, it is not polite to show the bottoms of your feet to someone else. The US Air Force sent me to Egypt for six months, where I learned those customs. Perhaps someone else can tell us the reasons for those customs.

      • Roger Wilco, the left handshake ban will be for traditional sanitary reasons. The soles of the feet may relate similarly to unsanitary substances like waste commonly obtaining from the streets, but just my guess.
        Vladimir Putin is rumored to be no longer among the living. Not exactly unexpected. Everybody please stay calm.


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